brinno tlc200 pro: first construction time lapse video results [video]

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following the market research on construction time-lapse cameras and brinno tlc200 pro + eyefi first steps articles, i’m happy to present my very first construction (or rather, destruction) time lapse recorded with the brinno tlc200 pro camera:

the video above was partly processed with avifrate (to slow down the second segment) and edited in gopro studio.

below you’ll find the unedited video output, some information regarding image quality, and more.

unedited, out-of-the-camera video:

what’s good:

  • as you can see above, the video quality at maximum resolution (720p) is actually quite nice. the camera produced a crisp image and handled the changing lighting conditions (e.g. on partly cloudy days) relatively well.
  • the automatic time and date bar at the bottom of the video (if desired/apctivated in options).
  • something else that is nice: you can set the camera to “sleep” through nights when the image gets very dark. this not only saves you the hassle of cutting out ~50 useless percent of the video when you can’t see anything, it also enables you to get significantly longer recording times due to saved storage space.
  • post-processing: as soon as you stop the recording, you’ve got a working .avi video file to view without special processing.

what’s bad:

  • the major “technical” problem was the wall mount. as you can see in several instances, the video is slightly shaky – despite the fact that the camera was firmly attached to the wall (via the wall mount) and remained completely untouched. for 25 euros (24 USD), i would expect to get a product sturdy enough for proper time lapse recordings – especially when buying an original brinno accessory!
  • post-processing: while it’s nice to get a complete video file directly from the camera, this makes post-processing – if you want/need to do it – more tedious. for example, removing the few “night” frames per day for a more fluid view could be a matter of deleting images within a time-stamp range, as opposed to doing a video cut for every night.

with this specific recording, there were also two logistical problems:

  • low video frame rate vs. extremely fast video
    i didn’t have access to the camera for a month. so, without a definitive date set for the beginning of demolition, i had to use a relatively big interval of 10 minutes for an interesting timeframe of only about 10 days. this is the reason for the low “detail” frame rate in the second, slowed-down part of the video.
    a more optimal interval to better allow viewers to follow the demolition progress would have been 1 minute, for example.
  • point of view
    the other problem was relatively hard to foresee (or maybe not?). the second container had a lid which opened exactly into the camera’s field of view, thus blocking an interesting part of the scene during 3 days.

altogether, i’m pretty happy with the camera so far, and i’m looking forward to more time lapse videos.

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