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[posted: Saturday, 2014-04-19] [category: computers & technology, time lapse] [tags: , , , ]

following the market research on construction time-lapse cameras and brinno tlc200 pro + eyefi first steps articles, i’m happy to present my very first construction (or rather, destruction) time lapse recorded with the brinno tlc200 pro camera:

the video above was partly processed with avifrate (to slow down the second segment) and edited in gopro studio.

below you’ll find the unedited video output, some information regarding image quality, and more. [more…]

[posted: Sunday, 2014-03-16] [category: time lapse, video] [tags: , , ]

brinno tlc200 pro: close focus time-lapse test in a recent blog post, i detailled the results of my search for a viable construction time lapse camera. the short version: the TLC200 Pro by Brinno sounded like the best option considering viewing angle, long-term usability and pricing.

the camera and some accessories were delivered recently, and i found the answers to some of my original questions. in this article, you’ll find a short review and my initial experience with brinno’s “pro” time lapse camera.

box contents:

Brinno TLC200 Pro time-lapse camera, weather resistant housing and wall mount

  • Brinno TLC200 Pro
  • 4 AA batteries (Toshiba alkaline)
  • 1 4GB SD-Card (Imation, class 4)
  • printed manual booklet and quick start guide
  • 2 lens covers, shallow and deep
  • 1 focus fixation screw (slotted)
  • tiny screwdriver (cross)

for future outdoor use, my order also included the ATH120 weather resistant housing and AWM100 wall mount.


[posted: Saturday, 2012-07-21] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

bone conduction headphones first crossed my way several years ago, when i did the bridge climb in sydney, australia. somehow, i’ve always been a fan of physical phenomena like reflections and resonance (see my tunebug vibe review, for instance), so i was looking forward to the time when bone conduction headphones would be generally available. it seems this day has come. :)

earlier this year, a company named AfterShokz presented their newest generation of bone conduction headphones which is very compact, lightweight, and promises good audio quality at the same time.

AfterShockz bone conduction headphones - a review after 2 months of use (photo (c) aftershockz)


with this short review, i’d like to share my experiences after (a bit less than) two months of almost daily use. [more…]

[posted: Sunday, 2012-05-06] [category: computers & technology, in german] [tags: , ]

this post is a translation of my recent irobot scooba 385 review in english.

Putzroboter sind auf dem Vormarsch, und sogar im traditionellen Österreich hört man von immer mehr Menschen, die sich zumindest schon einmal näher über die eine oder andere Roboter-Marke informiert haben. Im Gegensatz zu den Staubsauger-Robotern (z.B. aus der iRobot Roomba Familie sind die nass-wischenden Roboter allerdings noch umstritten und werden generell mit Zurückhaltung genossen.
Seit Ende Dezember leistet mir ein iRobot Scooba 385 (oder: “der kleine Racker”) seine treuen Dienste, und ich möchte hiermit meine Langzeit-Erfahrung im Rahmen eines Testberichts mit der Welt teilen.

irobot scooba 385: the official product photo of this floor wiping robot

Kurze Beschreibung
iRobot ist eine Firma, die sich auf Putzroboter spezialisiert hat, und die Scooba-Serie ist (meines Wissens) die erste Familie von Nass-Wisch-Robotern im iRobot-Portfolio. Der Scooba 385 ist ein Roboter, der vor allem für die Nassreinigung von Steinböden, (versiegelten) Holzböden sowie Vinyl- und Laminatböden ausgerichtet ist, und bis zu 40 Quadratmeter pro Putzgang reinigen kann.

[posted: Friday, 2012-05-04] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , ]

cleaning robots are on the advance, and even here in traditional austria, more and more people start to get interested in one or the other brand. however, unlike vacuuming robots such as the irobot roomba series, wet-floor-wiping robots are somewhat controversial and met with general suspicion.
i’ve been enjoying the services of the irobot scooba 385 (or: “the little one”) since the end of december, and would like to share my long-term experience in the following review.

irobot scooba 385: the official product photo of this floor wiping robot

brief description
irobot is a company specialising in cleaner-robots, and the scooba series is (to my knowledge) the first family of wet-cleaning robots in their portfolio. the scooba 385 is a robot designed to wipe stone floors, (sealed) hardwood floors, vinyl or laminate floors of up to 40 square meters.

[posted: Monday, 2010-08-30] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

in accordance with my new series “the best android apps (according to me)”, i’m also starting “the best htc desire accessories (according to me)”. they’re hardly ever limited to the desire, but that’s what i use (and test) them with.

tunebug vibe first up is the tunebug vibe: it’s a tiny, portable sound system that uses other surfaces to transmit sound. in other words, it turns almost anything – from an empty cigarette packet to your fridge – into a speaker.
i didn’t expect it at first, but tunebug actually creates beautiful sound which is rich in both treble and bass.

i’ve tested it with …pretty much every potential resonance body in my apartment, and outside, and it has lived up to its promises.

tunebug vibe comes in a chrome finish, is compatible with every digital device that features a 3.5 mm headphone jack (such as the htc desire, htc hero, many other smartphones, and pretty much every mp3-player), and plays music for 5 hours before you need to recharge.

it’s not only a cool gadget, but also a piece of applied basic physics in pure form: you probably know the changing shapes that sand grains form on a flat surface, depending on the excitation frequency.
the same principle is at work when you try different sizes of boxes/surfaces and get slightly different acoustical results. the size of the box, and the position of tunebug on the box, pretty much acts as your equalizer.

i’m really fond of this product!

i found the tunebug vibe over at, who offer a wide range of iphone and smartphone accessories.