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[posted: Wednesday, 2012-02-15] [category: fun, music] [tags: , ]
the ukulele orchestra of great britain at prinzregententheater, munich
the ukulele orchestra of great britain in concert - an evening of great music and british humour

dry, british humour is one of the best kinds of humour there is, and we got to enjoy a lot of that during the ukulele orchestra of great britain‘s recent concert in munich.

an example:

we brought some gifts, original british gifts, and even though “gift” means poison in german, we’d like to ask you to just go with it.
first, we have a teabag – an original english teabag – and also, a lovely saucer to place that teabag on. and then, there’s a “ukulele orchestra of great britain” badge, and a picture, which all of us have signed, and it’s a picture of a british bus.
*hands gifts to a random woman in the audience*


[posted: Sunday, 2011-12-11] [category: music, twitter]
  • this morning's traffic jam announcements were longer than the news. #
  • this song cover made my week. maybe it'll do the same to your weekend: teenage dirtbag – ukulele orchestra of GB * #

* video embedded here:

[posted: Tuesday, 2009-05-12] [category: fun, music, video]

incredible creativity!

(thanks, tom.)

[posted: Monday, 2009-04-06] [category: music, photo] [tags: ]

i first read about californian singer/songwriter vienna teng on eric cheng’s blog, in the long-long-ago.
there was a link to her website with a few sound samples, and i instantly became a fan.

since then, her beautiful music and powerful lyrics accompanied me everywhere i went.
in fact, i think there’s been at least one of her songs on my mp3-player at all times.

one week ago, she held a concert in innsbruck, so after more than 8 years of listening to her music, i had a chance to hear her perform live.
i was blasted away, and so were my friends and the rest of the audience. the ovations wouldn’t stop even after two encores, so they played a third one. :)

vienna teng, ward williams and alex wong in concert
vienna teng, ward williams and alex wong in concert

if you’ve never heard of her, i recommend going to her website and listening to a few of her songs online. i don’t think you’ll regret it.

recommended reading: there are posts about the european tour on vienna teng’s and ward williams’ blogs (he’s got a very …creative way of storytelling). nothing on austria yet, though.

[view photos: vienna teng concert in innsbruck]

[posted: Wednesday, 2009-03-18] [category: in german, music] [tags: ]
got tickets to vienna teng's concert at treibhaus (innsbruck, austria)
got tickets to vienna teng’s concert at treibhaus (innsbruck, austria)

can’t wait for this month to end. :)

für landsleute: die sängerin vienna teng (“irgendwo zwischen folk und pop, mit ein bisschen klassik und jazz: das kind von chopin und sarah mclachlan –washington post”) kommt im rahmen ihrer europa-tour auch nach österreich (linz, wien, st. veit, und innsbruck (am 30.03. um 21:00, treibhaus)) und deutschland (hamburg – heute!, bremen, halle, köln, mainz, mannheim, münchen, kaiserslautern, marburg, karlsruhe und freiburg).
rechtzeitig karten sichern!
alle infos gibts unter

[posted: Thursday, 2009-02-12] [category: music] [tags: ]
vienna teng's cd shelf in münster, germany

vienna teng’s new CD “inland territory” was (as mentioned before) released last friday.
due to an unfortunate coincidence it was the same day that i headed to germany and luxembourg with the choir.

in between lots of touring, singing and eating, i was eventually able to get her CD at jörg’s cd forum in münster, germany [G], where i also found an entire vienna teng shelf sitting in the middle of the store, complete with a sampling station with all of her CDs and posters for her upcoming concert.

[posted: Friday, 2009-01-30] [category: music, video] [tags: ]

vienna teng is one of my favourite singer/songwriters.
if i’m not mistaken, this is her first official music video, and it was published on youtube yesterday.

her fourth album, titled inland territory will be released on february 6th in europe.

even better news for her european fans:
according to her tour calendar and agents, she will be performing in the netherlands, germany, austria (including innsbruck!) and italy this march.