about me

just a few basics, for now:

    i am a 28 year-old male who currently lives in a quiet mountain town in austria / europe.
    i am currently doing a botanical doctorate at the university of innsbruck.
    i am generally interested in all things science.
    i like to go to foreign places, learn/speak foreign languages, make new experiences.
    i also like certain styles of music (including, but not limited to: classical music, pop, irish folklore, african folklore, some tyrolean folklore now and then…).
    i like to sing.
    i try hard to get away from my daily routine.

how to get in touch: write a comment in my blog, or drop me an email at



all the pictures presented on these pages (except where otherwise noted) are property of markus nolf, all rights reserved. you may not use them for any other than private purposes without my expressed consent.

however, if you would like to use one of my photos under a “free-content license” (GFDL, creative commons – for example for use on a wikimedia-project), please don’t hesitate to contact me.

although i am trying to get everything right, i can’t guarantee that all the information is correct (e.g. classification of species).
i don’t take responsibility for any content i am linking to!


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