bat taxi

my friend chiara is an incredibly talented comic-strip artist. this drawing of my “bat taxi” was part of a thank-you card for a period of car-pooling (referring to the bat […]

horseshoe offspring

after a rather exhausting day of work, i can look back at an unexpected encounter: en: lesser horseshoe bat (rhinolophus hipposideros), with pup de: kleine hufeisennase (rhinolophus hipposideros) mit jungtier […]

dead bat

i’ve prepared a few photos of a bat skeleton from last summer. it’s a preparation of a greater mouse-eared bat (myotis myotis, grosses mausohr), that i received for a bat […]

little hand-wings

the title is a verbatim translation of “microchiroptera” – the suborder of microbats. i’ve been a host to three microbats last week – two of them are here: two particoloured […]