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[posted: Tuesday, 2012-04-10] [category: bats, photo] [tags: , , ]

since bat photos of certain species are rather rare – even here on the internet – i’ve collected some of my best shots and finally processed them all properly.

vespertilio murinus (en: parti-coloured bat, rearmouse, de: zweifarbfledermaus, fr: sérotine bicolore)

here’s part one of three, containing photos of the lesser horseshoe bat (rhinolophus hipposideros), northern bat (eptesicus nilsonii), serotine bat (eptesicus serotinus), parti-coloured bat (vespertilio murinus) and the common noctule (nyctalus noctula). [more…]

[posted: Sunday, 2009-04-12] [category: bats, photo]

over the past weeks, i’ve had two little microbat guests:
i’ve been asked to take care of a female and male nathusius pipistrelle (pipistrellus nathusii), both foundlings from the neighbourhood.
with the rising temperatures, there should be enough food (winged insects) in the air, so they were released last night.

to get an idea of these two grown-up bats, take a look at the following pictures (and click to enlarge):

nathusius' pipistrelle (pipistrellus nathusii) sitting on my thumb
nathusius’ pipistrelle (pipistrellus nathusii) sitting on my thumb


[posted: Monday, 2009-01-19] [category: bats, general]

my friend chiara is an incredibly talented comic-strip artist.

this drawing of my “bat taxi” was part of a thank-you card for a period of car-pooling (referring to the bat sticker on the back of my car, or to my bat-related activities. or both.).

bat taxi
bat taxi, comic by chiara


[posted: Wednesday, 2008-07-16] [category: bats, photo]

after a rather exhausting day of work, i can look back at an unexpected encounter:

lesser horseshoe bat (rhinolophus hipposideros), with pup | kleine hufeisennase (rhinolophus hipposideros), mit jungtier
en: lesser horseshoe bat (rhinolophus hipposideros), with pup
de: kleine hufeisennase (rhinolophus hipposideros) mit jungtier

in case you can’t tell which is which: the pair of pointed shapes in the lower right is the mother’s ears. its baby is clinging on tightly and makes up the left half of the furry ball.
like all young microbat babies, it’s hanging with its head up at first. later on, the preferred position will be head down.

this summer, i’m working in a project to support certain species of bat indirectly by aiding their respective habitats. although i didn’t expect to see one of the nursery roosts themselves, i did today. the number of bats in this colony is rising, and a high percentage of the females (such as the one in the photo) are currently raising their young.
it was clearly the highlight of the day.

[posted: Tuesday, 2008-03-25] [category: bats, photo] [tags: ]
skeleton of a greater mouse-eared bat (myotis myotis)

i’ve prepared a few photos of a bat skeleton from last summer.
it’s a preparation of a greater mouse-eared bat (myotis myotis, grosses mausohr), that i received for a bat presentation. it had been used for demonstration purposes for a long time, so the ribcage is damaged.

i think it’s fascinating to actually “trace back” their evolution and see how over time, the fingers were prolonged, connected with skin (similar to the webbed toes of a duck) and made into wings.
the photos also show that these little creatures adhere to the basic “blueprint” of all mammals.

[view photos: bat skeleton]

[posted: Sunday, 2008-03-02] [category: bats, photo] [tags: ]

the title is a verbatim translation of “microchiroptera” – the suborder of microbats.

i’ve been a host to three microbats last week – two of them are here:

two particoloured bats (vespertilio murinus, zweifarbfledermaus)
two particoloured bats (vespertilio murinus, zweifarbfledermaus)


related in terms of the species: albuin around the world

[posted: Wednesday, 2007-07-04] [category: bats, nature, photo]
view of obergurgl
alice and i

june 8-10 was the weekend of this year’s biodiversity day (geo tag der artenvielfalt) in the ötztal (ötz valley), austria.
our accommodation was the university center obergurgl (universitätszentrum obergurgl) [G], close to the valley’s end. driving through sölden on my way up brought back some precious childhood memories – when i was young, the extended family went there for hiking holidays, several times…

at the event, there were lots of familiar faces that i don’t get to see very often – batman toni with his wife vera and son matthaeus, alice, bernadette, barbara, erich, andi & tom from blattform, insect-expert timo, …

day one (the day before biodiversity day) included a geological excursion, and the bat & insect nights at lake piburg (piburger see) [G]. we even caught a brown long-eared bat (plecotus auritus), which hadn’t been documented for the region before!

update: the official biodiversity day (with all the daytime surveys) took place on saturday, june 9th.
i spent the day with barbara, erich, andi and tom, botanizing our way (their way, really ;-)) through the vegetation. there even was a sensational discovery: tom found the black spleenwort (asplenium adiantum-nigrum) – the first verification of this species for all of north tirol.

[view photos: the day before biodiversity day]
[view photos: biodiversity day 2007]