bat photos: rhinolophus hipposideros, eptesicus nilsonii, eptesicus serotinus, nyctalus noctula and vespertilio murinus

since bat photos of certain species are rather rare – even here on the internet – i’ve collected some of my best shots and finally processed them all properly.

vespertilio murinus (en: parti-coloured bat, rearmouse, de: zweifarbfledermaus, fr: sérotine bicolore)

here’s part one of three, containing photos of the lesser horseshoe bat (rhinolophus hipposideros), northern bat (eptesicus nilsonii), serotine bat (eptesicus serotinus), parti-coloured bat (vespertilio murinus) and the common noctule (nyctalus noctula).

german captions are available in the bat photo gallery (1/3).

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