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photo: 21 hills, calperum mallee

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a few weeks ago, this outbacky-looking red dirt road led us to one of our research sites at calperum station near renmark, south australia. the namesake “21 hills” – one of these hills is ahead of us in the photo – are actually sand dunes covered lightly with mallee woodland.

driving through the 21 hills area, calperum mallee, south australia

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tiny planet: the conservatory, royal tasmanian botanical gardens [panorama]

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here’s a “tiny plot” render of a photosphere (android’s take on 360 degree panoramas) recorded in the conservatory at the royal tasmaian botanical gardens, hobart:

the conservatory, royal tasmanian botanical gardens (panorama)

panorama: dramatic clouds and colours at sunset

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with the dramatic clouds and colours at sunset today, a panorama was just waiting to be recorded:

panorama: dramatic clouds and colours at sunset

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far from home

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it’s often the little things that remind you you’re in a place far from home – like finding koala traps and a koala poking pole in a shed at work.

koala capture traps

all in the name of science, of course.

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japanese maple [HDR photo]

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japanese maple (acer palmatum) leaves in the trauttmannsdorff castle gardens (merano, italy).

japanese maple (acer palmatum) leaves in the trauttmannsdorff castle gardens, hdr photo

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epidermal bladder cells on a tiny desert-plant seedling in south africa [photo]

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the tiny plant below is a stone plant seedling (aizoaceae), growing in the harsh conditions of the “knersvlakte” quartz gravel landscape in north-eastern south africa. the seedling has only formed its first pair of cotyledons, which are already completely covered in epidermal bladder cells:

a tiny stone plant seedling (aizoaceae) that is covered in epidermal bladder cells.

bladder cells are modified trichomes (hair-like structures) common in the stone plant family (aizoaceae), which are used to remove salt from the plant system.

to give you a better sense of scale, here’s the same view plus my index finger tip: [more...]

photosphere: wildmoossee, periodic lake

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wildmoossee near seefeld, austria, is a periodic lake that only fills up every few years. a combination of the melting snow, underground rock crevices and other factors cause the local groundwater to rise in spring. after reaching its maximum level in late spring, groundwater levels slowly recede, and the lake completely disappears in autumn, to return only after approx. 4 years.

i recently visited the area and found out that both wildmoossee and neighbouring lottensee had appeared this year. before that, the lakes apparently carried water in 2012, and 2002.

here’s the season’s last remaining water at the very base of the basin, in a 360 degree panorama à la google maps:


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