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photos: field trip to outback new south wales, australia

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here are a few impressions from a recent field trip to outback australia, more precisely western new south wales. our route included stops in toorale national park, wilcannia, broken hill and mootwingee (mutawintji) national park and kinchega national park.

panorama: kinchega national park - the desert, after rainfall

i’ll let the pictures and captions speak for themselves. [more...]

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night sky panorama: the milky way, seen from the australian outback

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below, you see a resized version of a 45 megapixel night sky panorama recorded in toorale national park near bourke, outback new south wales, australia. the image is composed of 24 individual 30 second exposures at f/1.8 and ISO 1600 taken with the Sony RX100 (mark 1), a compact camera that continues to impress me even after almost three years of frequent use. the panorama took almost an hour to record.

night sky panorama: the milky way, seen from toorale national park in the australian outback

here’s a detail crop of the milky way, from the left third of the image: [more...]

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3 photospheres from national parks of outback new south wales

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the australian outback is dry. very dry. except when it rains.
here are three photospheres (interactive 360 degree panoramas) from a recent trip to western new south wales:

red sand tracks leading through the outback, toorale national park.


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is armadillo fabric really mosquito proof?

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for the past few months, i’ve been wearing meru zip-off pants when outdoors and/or traveling. the manufacturer promises that the fabric used, called armadillo (65% polyester, 35% cotton), is “virtually mosquito proof” and i’ve been wondering how much this promise really holds in the wild.
on a recent field trip to what can only be described as “mosquito land”, i noticed that many mozzies were actually trying to bite through the pants, but eventually gave up. here’s a short video that shows one of these mosquitos trying to get through the fabric, and failing miserably:

isn’t it fascinating how bendy these probosces are?

is armadillo fabric really mosquito proof? (mosquito head and proboscis outlined in red) is armadillo fabric really mosquito proof? (mosquito head and proboscis outlined in red)
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cambodia travel tip: how to get from ban lung to sen monorom

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motodup ride from ban lung to koh nhek if you’re traveling to the northeast of cambodia, you might find yourself trying to find a direct route between the major towns of rattanakiri and mondulkiri: ban lung and sen monorom, respectively.
as you’ll read in the travel guidebooks, there’s no direct bus connection, only a nightmarish road, and a very bumpy, expensive road. however, road conditions have greatly improved, and it’s not necessarily as difficult to organize as it once was.

here’s what we did: [more...]

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bike09 – the video (a two-wheeled muscle-powered race from austria to spain)

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four years “in preparation”, countless sleepless nights in the making.
here it is, finally: a video summary of our little family bike adventure from austria to spain, with 12 seconds of video clips per day.

to activate english captions, just press the captions symbol at the bottom right of the youtube player.

the video was created with gopro studio, a great freeware tool which also accepts non-gopro footage (though some videos may require conversion before you can start).

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bike09 part 3: spain – punctures, detours, and explosions (a two-wheeled muscle-powered race from austria to spain)

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almost drove onto the autopista - no bikes allowedpreviously, on…

in the long long ago (a.k.a. 2009), my parents, little brother and i embarked on a small adventure through europe.
our goal was to get to denia (spain) right from our doorstep in rum/innsbruck (austria), using only our bicycles, while keeping the budget as low as possible. to make things a bit more interesting, we split up into two teams racing each other: team 1 (mom and dad) took a route through italy and france, team 2 (anton and i) went through switzerland and france. the team that arrived at our destination first, would win.
we sent a postcard home every few days to record our progress along the 2200 km journey and prove when we were where.

…here’s part three of our adventure: teams one and two – anton and i, reunited with our parents – cycling south from figueres, spain (near the french border) south towards our destination, dénia.


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