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[posted: Sunday, 2013-01-13] [category: fun, photo] [tags: ]

back on january 13, 2002 a small group of creative people by the name of improv everywhere organized the first “no pants subway ride” in new york. it was a small flashmob with only one objective: confuse people and make them smile.

in the past 12 years, the event has grown to an incredible worldwide event with, in some cities, thousands of participants.

here are some pictures from today’s sydney no pants subway ride. we were only a relatively small crowd, but it was fun. :) [more…]

rufus hound at altitude festival 2012 last week was a very special week, when the british altitude comedy festival took place in the ski resort of mayrhofen (ziller valley). this meant that we didn’t have to go very far to see some world-class comedians perform live on stage. :)
highlights included stand-up comedians phill jupitus, marcus brigstocke, rufus hound, terry alderton, milton jones, andrew maxwell, ian stone, abandoman and pete johansson – but the reason we went there in the first place was australian comedy-musician tim minchin.
the acts were incredibly funny – there’s just nothing like dry (and sometimes pretty dark) british humour!

side note: people you meet at comedy festivals are likely to have a good sense of humour themselves!

some pictures to enjoy: [more…]

[posted: Thursday, 2012-03-01] [category: fun, random photos] [tags: , ]

it probably isn’t what it looks like, but it seems that somebody went ice fishing last weekend at the lake of belvedere castle, right in vienna, austria:

belvedere castle with a frozen lake, and what looks like an ice fishing hole ;)

what do you think?

[posted: Wednesday, 2012-02-15] [category: fun, music] [tags: , ]
the ukulele orchestra of great britain at prinzregententheater, munich
the ukulele orchestra of great britain in concert - an evening of great music and british humour

dry, british humour is one of the best kinds of humour there is, and we got to enjoy a lot of that during the ukulele orchestra of great britain‘s recent concert in munich.

an example:

we brought some gifts, original british gifts, and even though “gift” means poison in german, we’d like to ask you to just go with it.
first, we have a teabag – an original english teabag – and also, a lovely saucer to place that teabag on. and then, there’s a “ukulele orchestra of great britain” badge, and a picture, which all of us have signed, and it’s a picture of a british bus.
*hands gifts to a random woman in the audience*


[posted: Wednesday, 2011-12-14] [category: fun, video] [tags: ]

i can’t get the image of a dancing-digging joseph smith out of my head, so why not post it here…

here’s a clip from “the book of mormon“, a new hit musical by south park makers matt stone and trey parker. in this scene, a young mormon missionary tells the story of prophet joseph smith to ugandan villagers.

i’ve always said that south park songs can easily compete with disney music. this is further proof of my statement.
if you get a chance to see it live on broadway, seize it! i hear it’s incredible on many levels.

[posted: Thursday, 2011-07-07] [category: fun] [tags: ]

please take a look at my very own “personal something” from my master thesis:

the ascent of the botanist (based on the ascent of man)

the idea of “the ascent of the botanist” (based on the famous drawing the ascent of man from evolution biology) came to me while hiking to knivskjellodden (norway), the northernmost point of continental europe, last summer. it turned out to be almost exactly half time for my thesis.

many thanks to chiara, who transformed the idea into an actual picture.

[posted: Tuesday, 2011-06-14] [category: fun]

now here’s a spam message that i *almost* couldn’t resist to respond to: somebody needs to transfer 5.2 euro, and offered me 40 % (!) if i help them!


Sie sind sicherlich ueberrascht ueber diese Nachricht, aber ich benoetige dringend einen Geschaeftspartner in dieser Angelegenheit und deshalb habe ich mit Ihnen Kontakt aufgenommen.

Ich benoetige Ihre Hilfe um die Gesammtsumme von EUR(€)5.2 zu ueberweisen.

Ich werde Ihnen alle Details zu der Abwickelung dieser Transaktion zusenden. Sie bekommen hierfuer 40% der oben genannten Summe wenn Sie sich bereit erklaeren mir hierbei zu helfen.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen

David Torra

i guess even spammers needed some cutbacks after the crisis…