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dramatic clouds, sun rays, and rolling hills [photo]

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dramatic clouds, sun rays, and rolling hills above giro and the monkeycot nature reserve

dramatic clouds, sun rays, and rolling hills above giro and the monkeycot nature reserve

the picture was taken en route north to armidale, at a little scenic viewpoint overlooking giro (nsw) and the monkeycot nature reserve.

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total gym 1000/1500 exercise manual, pdf download

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total gym 1000/1500 exercise manual, pdf download i got a cheap total gym 1500 recently, and was looking for the original exercise manual but couldn’t find any free downloads online, but plenty of inofficial paid options.
here’s the link to a “total gym shaper” exercise booklet, which as far as i can tell is identical to the 1000/1500 version – and it’s free: total gym shaper exercise booklet 2012.

update: the original link is no longer working. here are some alternative links i found:

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squirting cucumbers in action [slow motion video]

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not too long ago, we came across a small patch of squirting cucumbers (ecballium elaterium) in spain, and wanted to see their rather spectacular mode of seed propagation in action:

using hygroballochory, the species can expel its seeds into distances of up to 12 meters.

footage was recorded with a gopro hero 3 black at 120 fps, 720p. clips are in real-time, 4x slow motion, and (last sequence) 8x slow motion (i.e.15 fps), respectively.

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construction time-lapse options: ip cameras vs. gopro hero 3+ vs. brinno

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i’ve been searching for an affordable standalone time-lapse solution to document the upcoming construction of a house. since there isn’t much hands-on information around, i thought i’d share the results of my extensive market research (which has taken up far too much time).

construction time-lapse options: ip cameras vs. gopro hero 3+ vs. brinno

firstly, here are the camera features i was looking for:

  • standalone system (no pc connection)
  • wide-angle lens
  • time lapse capability (interval recording)
  • external power supply
  • high resolution
  • wifi access
  • (ideally) automatic ftp upload
  • continuous operation for 6+ months
  • relative outdoor suitability (to be mounted under a roof)

the camera is going to be mounted on the neighbour’s house, and the distance/height situation requires a horizontal field of view of at least 110 degrees – hence the wide-angle requirement. wifi is available on site, as is a relatively protected camera position under the roof. the construction phase with most outside changes is estimated at several months, so i’m aiming for an interval between 10 and 30 minutes. [more...]

one second everyday: 2013/2 in review

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about half a year ago i discovered an app called 1 second everyday, which allows you plug one second of video per day into a growing personal clip compilation.
much has happened in the past year – and then again, not really that much – and with the start of the new year i’m happy to present to you the second half of 2013 in review:

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bike09: a two-wheeled muscle-powered race from austria to spain. part 1: western austria, liechtenstein and switzerland

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early start photo at 06:46, july 12 2009four years ago to the date, in the long long ago (aka 2009), my parents, little brother and i embarked on a small adventure through europe.
our goal was to get to denia (spain) right from our doorstep in rum/innsbruck (austria), using only our bicycles, while keeping the budget as low as possible. to make things a bit more interesting, we split up into two teams racing each other: team 1 (mom and dad) took a route through italy and france, team 2 (anton and i) went through switzerland and france. the team that would arrive at our destination first, would win.
we sent a postcard home every few days to record our progress along the 2200 km journey and prove when we were where. [more...]

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flashback: lake muotkevuonjavri and the midnight sun on seiland, far north norway

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seiland is an island off hammerfest in finnmark, norway’s far northeast county. the island consists mainly of national park and a few, relatively isolated settlements. a few years ago, math and i found two wonderful couchsurfing hosts, mimmi and anton, in eidvågeid in the northern part of the island.
the picture below shows the panoramic views of lake muotkevuonjavri, taken along a hike between the settlements of hønseby and eidvågeidet:

panorama: view of lake muotkevuonjavri and northern seiland, finnmark, norway

after three long years, i still remember the surreal calmness of the place, just a short ferry-ride from the world’s northernmost town (situated at 70 degrees north).

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