total gym 1000/1500 exercise manual, pdf download

total gym 1000/1500 exercise manual, pdf download i got a cheap total gym 1500 recently, and was looking for the original exercise manual but couldn’t find any free downloads online, but plenty of inofficial paid options.
here’s the link to a “total gym shaper” exercise booklet, which as far as i can tell is identical to the 1000/1500 version – and it’s free: total gym shaper exercise booklet 2012.

update: the original link is no longer working. here are some alternative links i found:

10 thoughts on “total gym 1000/1500 exercise manual, pdf download

  1. Hi, thank you very for this excerise booklet you make end for my troubles.
    I have Total GYM XLi and lost the original booklet and couldn’t find any free downloads online until i get here.
    So thans again for sharing

  2. I clicked on the link and it brought me to a marketing page. I didn’t see any link to the exercise manual. can you re-check the site and let me know thank you.

  3. Thanks so much for uploading this. Couldn’t find this anywhere else. You’d think the official site would have it on there.

  4. Thank you! Have had a Total Gym for years and the exercise guide was lost in my last move. Saved me from having to watch the videos and try to keep up with Rosalie!!!

  5. Thanks been looking for years for this. It has been under my bed for so long thanks

  6. Thx! WE have a TG1000 and because of COVID-19 lockdown we pulled it out of storage. Your exercise guides were just what we needed. Everyone’s had a lot of fun trying them out.

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