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360 video: canopy crane ride at the daintree rainforest observatory

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360 video: canopy crane ride at the daintree rainforest observatoryever wondered what it looks like to rise from the ground through and above the rainforest? the video below provides a 360 degree view along a ride in the canopy crane at the daintree rainforest observatory at cape tribulation in far north queensland, australia.

the compilation includes the ascent from the ground through the canopy, a ride above the rainforest, the sampling of a branch, and the final descent back to the ground.


how to convert Sony RX100 videos for correct aspect ratio in 1 Second Everyday

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How to convert RX100 MP4 videos for correct aspect ratio in 1 Second Everyday MP4 videos recorded with the Sony RX100 appear distorted when processing them with the 1SecondEveryday app. this aspect ratio problem can be solved by converting the video and correcting the video dimensions with the Handbrake open source video transcoder.
here’s how:


brinno tlc200 pro: first construction time lapse video results [video]

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following the market research on construction time-lapse cameras and brinno tlc200 pro + eyefi first steps articles, i’m happy to present my very first construction (or rather, destruction) time lapse recorded with the brinno tlc200 pro camera:

the video above was partly processed with avifrate (to slow down the second segment) and edited in gopro studio.

below you’ll find the unedited video output, some information regarding image quality, and more. [more...]

how to convert an .avi file for use in gopro studio, using only freeware

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update 2015-08-19: this tutorial doesn’t seem to be working anymore. try the updated, simplified GoPro Studio conversion article instead.

how to convert an .avi file for use in gopro studio, using only freeware GoPro Studio is a great piece of video editing software, especially for two reasons: firstly, it’s straight-forward and easy to use, and secondly, it’s available for free.

GoPro Studio (formerly: Cineform Studio) is compatible with “GoPro, Canon, Nikon and other constant frame rate H.264 mp4 and .mov formats”, but what can you do if you’d like to edit videos from other cameras?
you can use MPEG Streamclip 1.2 to quickly convert any video into a format that can be imported directly into GoPro Studio.

update: after some complaints, i’ve re-tested the method on two computers and several .avi files from various cameras. for me, works fine with GoPro Studio v. 2.0.1 and v. 2.5 on two of my computers (be sure to click on “Step 2″). see comments for details.

here’s how: [more...]

gopro studio problems: reopening a project produces time-shifted titles, resets opening title

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gopro studio software is a simple, straight-forward and free video stitching software.
in short, it’s awesome. however, in a recent video project i experienced two distinct problems: whenever i saved, closed and reopened a project, the opening title (video track) was reset to standard values (content, formatting, length), and titles (title tracks) were shifted a few seconds to the right.
here’s a quick overview of what causes these problems, and what you can do to stop them from happening.

title delay

the problem: titles in the title tracks (resulting in overlay text) are aligned perfectly with their respective video clips. after saving the project, closing gopro studio, and re-opening it, these titles are shifted to the right in the timeline, i.e. they are delayed and appear later in the video. this can happen at the beginning of the video, somewhere in the middle, or near the end. however, it always continues to the end of the video.

gopro studio title delay problem: before (upper) and after (lower) reopening a project file