seattle flashback

here are a few concluding (but unsorted) thoughts:

  • i love krispy kreme doughnuts
  • i love candy corn
  • i love yogurt pretzels
  • i love ice-cream from cold stone
  • i love dippin’ dots (but they’re even colder than usual ice-cream)
  • i love fruit smoothies (but they’re usually cold, too)
  • i love honey-butter
  • i love mongolian grills
  • i love barbecue-pizza
  • i love chimichangas
  • i love hamburgers – every single kind of them
  • uh, and onion rings!
  • …i could go on and on…
  • somehow, nearly every type of american food/drink includes (1) a lot of sugar, and (2) lots of ice to keep it cold :-)
  • i think carpool-lanes are really cool
  • i love comedy shows like “whose line is it anyway”, and ellen degeneres‘ dry sense of humor
  • and i like the openness of americans. i know i can’t generalize this, but almost all of the americans i met were openminded and kind. except, maybe, for that salesman at bestbuy who kept talking me into an elecronics-insurance even though i told him that i live 6.000 km away…

more on cool americans:

    when i met one of cindy’s uncles, we had a funny small-talk conversation that went something like this:

      him: “how come you speak english so well?”
      me: “i watch tv a lot!”
      him: “clever boy!”

    i also had the pleasure of meeting heather’s great-grandmother, who passed away in november 2004. she was about the sweetest and kindest elderly woman i have EVER met!

    and of course, i have to state again, that heather, cindy and larry are the nicest, most generous and thoughtful people!

geez, i didn’t think it would get that long, but once i started writing, everything just came flying back into my mind. and even now, there’s at least twice as much left to write.

here are the links to the galleries again:
[view gallery: seattle/washington, part 1]
[view gallery: seattle/washington, part 2]

ok. now i’m going to make a database backup – i can’t risk losing that much work!

One thought on “seattle flashback

  1. Nice pictures Markus. I live in Des Moines about 3 miles north of Redondo.
    I do photography as well.
    Yes, your English is very good, but Europeans have the knack for languages. I am from Scotland.
    I would like to see more of your photography. I really liked the pictures of the grasshoppers, and the Seattle skyline. Nice work.
    Kindest wishes,


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