seattle flashback

we went to the fair in our neighbor village puyallup (mhmm, kettle korn!) on sept. 12th – the gallery starts about there.
the mariners’ baseball game (mhmm, dippin’ dots!) at safeco field was fun, too.
must have been the first time that i was at a sports stadium when there was actually something sporty going on ;-).
besides the game, which was interesting to watch, i enjoyed the fun stuff they did during the intermissions.

fruit, at pike place market

we also visited pike place market – where a guy was sitting on the corner of the street and played piano. some 30 meters away, four gospel singers were standing in front of the very first starbuck’s (mhmm, berry-smoothies!) and intoned the best version of “swing low, sweet chariot” i ever heard…
on a downtown-walk, we also went through a garden in the middle of downtown. it belongs to the “p-patch” (pea patch) program, which…

    “…turns unused urban space into recreational, educational and beautiful public space through its 50 neighborhood gardens. p-patch rents more than 1,600 organic garden plots to the city’s residents and serves refugees, low-income populations, people with disabilities and youth through special programs.”

we made a trip to snoqualmie falls [G], one of washington’s most popular scenic attractions, on september 21st. snoqualmie river didn’t carry as much water as is shown on the postcards, so we went pretty close, down to where we could feel the fresh breeze. this was also the first time that i tasted yogurt pretzels – i’ve been addicted to them ever since!

on september 23rd, my sony cybershot dsc-f717 arrived, so there’s some test-pix in the gallery, too.

the following day we made a quick tour through the campus of washington university. it’s full of brick buildings, which i love!

space needle

afterwards we went all the way up to the top of the space needle (by elevator). the view from up there is gigantic! i took some panorama photos, and since i was apparently the only one with a tripod and a camera bigger than usual, i was constantly asked to take “person+skyline in background”-pictures for other people ;-)

One thought on “seattle flashback

  1. Nice pictures Markus. I live in Des Moines about 3 miles north of Redondo.
    I do photography as well.
    Yes, your English is very good, but Europeans have the knack for languages. I am from Scotland.
    I would like to see more of your photography. I really liked the pictures of the grasshoppers, and the Seattle skyline. Nice work.
    Kindest wishes,


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