seattle flashback

ok, so here it is: my long-long-overdue report about my trip to seattle, washington.

    first off: if you just want to view the photos, here are the links:
    [view gallery: seattle/washington, part 1]
    [view gallery: seattle/washington, part 2]

i left innsbruck airport on september 10th 2003, around 6.00 am. the tiny cessna airplane first went to linz to pick up about 7 more passengers (at most 10 were inside already), and then headed up to amsterdam, where my connecting flight would depart.

    i remember clearly (nearly two years afterwards!) how i looked out of the window and noted that a screw was missing on the airfoil. it didn’t have many screws in the first place, being such a small plane ;-)

anyway, soon i was sitting in the plane to seattle/tacoma airport. i have no idea how, but the 11 hours of flight time went by like nothing – despite the boring/just bad movies they showed, like “legally blonde 2”! by the way: it’s interesting how airlines keep their passengers busy by giving out small portions of food (crackers, yogurt, kitkats, …). it works amazingly well!

after arriving at seatac, and having my sandwiches checked thoroughly by airport security (who would smuggle stuff in their sandwich?) it was off to meet the byers.
i hadn’t seen heather in person for a year (and then it was only some short smalltalk), and i had never met cindy and larry at all.
cindy and heather were waiting right by the exit of the escalator (cindy later explained that they had to …get rid of someone who had been occupying that spot earlier ;-)).

when we got to their house in federal way [G], heather and cindy showed me around the house, and said something like “just feel like home”. and i did – they immediately made me feel i had always been in the family. that alone was an amazing experience that i don’t think one is very likely to get in austria. the way i see it, people over here are a lot more secretive.
larry got home later that day from work, and we had heather’s vegetarian lasagna.

    september 10th was actually the perfect day, as i had wished for it for a long time: the usual length of 24 hours, plus an extra 10 hours through time shift. i was pretty exhausted in the evening, though, so i couldn’t finish watching monty python’s “the holy grail”…

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One thought on “seattle flashback

  1. Nice pictures Markus. I live in Des Moines about 3 miles north of Redondo.
    I do photography as well.
    Yes, your English is very good, but Europeans have the knack for languages. I am from Scotland.
    I would like to see more of your photography. I really liked the pictures of the grasshoppers, and the Seattle skyline. Nice work.
    Kindest wishes,


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