seattle flashback

we also went to fremont and woodland park zoo, the following week.
fremont [G] is a neighborhood in seattle that has all kinds of artsy objects – like a giant troll under a bridge, or concrete people waiting at a (fakey?) bus stop.

at woodland park zoo, we saw (other than all the animals you’d expect at a zoo, of which i hadn’t seen several in real life) a duck that angled for attention: as soon as we’d take, it would sway its wings – and it didn’t stop until we left, several minutes later…
this monkey photo immediately reminded me of the old monkey video. it was among the first files ever that i received through the internet. and the squirrels weren’t really behaving like wild ones: one squirrel was constantly jumping in and out of the dumpster, getting all kinds of food, and another one must have thought it was a beaver….
for some reason, i also remember the yummy tortilla chips with cheese sauce. mhmm, cheese!

the last trip we took before my going home was the one to mount rainier national park [G] – one of seattle’s landmarks, which is shown in the background of almost every seattle postcard. at one viewpoint, we met another curious bird that cindy fed
narada falls is a beautiful cascade that you HAVE to check out on your way up!

the visitor center further up had …let’s say “creative chandeliers” and the upper level is a glass panorama room with a beautiful 360° view!

One thought on “seattle flashback

  1. Nice pictures Markus. I live in Des Moines about 3 miles north of Redondo.
    I do photography as well.
    Yes, your English is very good, but Europeans have the knack for languages. I am from Scotland.
    I would like to see more of your photography. I really liked the pictures of the grasshoppers, and the Seattle skyline. Nice work.
    Kindest wishes,


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