botanical excursion to slovenia [photos]

in april, we went on a short botanical spring-excursion to slovenia. led by bozo frajman, we experienced a short glimpse of the slovenian culture, cuisine and – of course – the flora.

group photo at tartini square, piran

main stops were made in:

  • vaska skupnost lukovec, where, besides plants, we also found some interesting animals
  • podpec at the edge of the karst plateau, with the extremely rare moehringia tommasinii, which is known only from 6 locations along the karst edge in slovenia, croatia and italy
  • the lovely coast town of piran (slovenia owns 46.6 km of the adriatic coastline, that’s about 2 cm per citizen ;) )
  • ljubljana, the friendly slovenian capital
  • pot v pekel (the “road to hell”), one of the locations where the carniolian primrose (primula carniolica) is growing.

for the rest of the story, i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. as usual, extended captions (and german ones) are available in the gallery.

there are also some lightfield photos available: botanical excursion to slovenia, in lightfield pictures

the following images are part of this blog post.

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