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panorama: dramatic clouds and colours at sunset

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with the dramatic clouds and colours at sunset today, a panorama was just waiting to be recorded:

panorama: dramatic clouds and colours at sunset

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photos: field trip to outback new south wales, australia

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here are a few impressions from a recent field trip to outback australia, more precisely western new south wales. our route included stops in toorale national park, wilcannia, broken hill and mootwingee (mutawintji) national park and kinchega national park.

panorama: kinchega national park - the desert, after rainfall

i’ll let the pictures and captions speak for themselves. [more...]

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night sky panorama: the milky way, seen from the australian outback

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below, you see a resized version of a 45 megapixel night sky panorama recorded in toorale national park near bourke, outback new south wales, australia. the image is composed of 24 individual 30 second exposures at f/1.8 and ISO 1600 taken with the Sony RX100 (mark 1), a compact camera that continues to impress me even after almost three years of frequent use. the panorama took almost an hour to record.

night sky panorama: the milky way, seen from toorale national park in the australian outback

here’s a detail crop of the milky way, from the left third of the image: [more...]

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panorama: sunset over rum, tirol

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earlier today: dusk is slowly creeping in over my home town, as the sun descends behind the northern range.

sunset over rum, tirol

aerial panorama recorded with a dji phantom 2 vision+.

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photosphere: wildmoossee, periodic lake

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wildmoossee near seefeld, austria, is a periodic lake that only fills up every few years. a combination of the melting snow, underground rock crevices and other factors cause the local groundwater to rise in spring. after reaching its maximum level in late spring, groundwater levels slowly recede, and the lake completely disappears in autumn, to return only after approx. 4 years.

i recently visited the area and found out that both wildmoossee and neighbouring lottensee had appeared this year. before that, the lakes apparently carried water in 2012, and 2002.

here’s the season’s last remaining water at the very base of the basin, in a 360 degree panorama à la google maps:


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photosphere: hintereisferner and weisskugel

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here’s a quick impression of our weekend hike to weißkugel, austria’s third-highest peak at 3738 m a.s.l.
the photosphere (360 degree panorama) shows the hintereisferner glacier, stretching out from the peak towards the east.

we reached this spot (teufelsegg) at 06:30 in the morning and watched the sun rise in the east. the day’s first rays of light crept over gigantic fields of ice. how come it took me so long to realize that the world’s beauty isn’t necessarily hiding a few thousand kilometres from home?

(sorry for cut-off heads and other body parts – not my doing!)

flashback: lake muotkevuonjavri and the midnight sun on seiland, far north norway

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seiland is an island off hammerfest in finnmark, norway’s far northeast county. the island consists mainly of national park and a few, relatively isolated settlements. a few years ago, math and i found two wonderful couchsurfing hosts, mimmi and anton, in eidvågeid in the northern part of the island.
the picture below shows the panoramic views of lake muotkevuonjavri, taken along a hike between the settlements of hønseby and eidvågeidet:

panorama: view of lake muotkevuonjavri and northern seiland, finnmark, norway

after three long years, i still remember the surreal calmness of the place, just a short ferry-ride from the world’s northernmost town (situated at 70 degrees north).

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