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panorama: charity concert with the wiltener sängerknaben (boys’ choir)

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remember my blog post about our charity concert?1
it took place yesterday, and i think it’s safe to say that it was a great success. apart from an almost-full concert hall (saal tirol fits 1.400 guests), great music and a fitting atmosphere, we were again able to collect more than 23.000 euro, which will go to ugari without any deduction.

since i didn’t sing myself, last night, i was able to get a few shots of the choir and concert hall. here’s my favourite:

Panorama: Charity Concert "Kinder für Kinder" with the Wilten Boys' Choir (Wiltener Sängerknaben)

you’ll find more information (english and german) about our charity project at www.kinder-fuer-kinder.at, and the donation bank and paypal accounts are still open. ;)

  1. yes, i know it was the only actual blog post in weeks… []
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kinder für kinder: charity project for ugari, kenya

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dear reader, please allow me to introduce our charity project:
my friend simon spent a volontary year as a teacher in a small, rural school in kenyas outback, so to speak. there is neither running water nor electricity available in the little village of ugari, kenya, some 300 km west of nairobi.
after his return, we (the wilten boys’ choir) organized a charity concert, which provided money to build some much-needed infrastructure for the secondary school, which had just been set up in an unfinished classroom.

one year after our charity concert, on october 24th, we are organizing a second concert in innsbruck, during which we will try to collect more money for ugari, as well as present the changes in ugari within the last 12 months. it’s safe to say that A LOT has changed!

i’ve put quite some time and effort into the project lately, so i wanted to point you in the direction of our new website slash blog:
Kinder für Kinder – Wiltener Sängerknaben für Ugari

screenshot: kinder-fuer-kinder.at

there’s some information in english, if you don’t happen to speak german.

if you’d like to support our aim, there are several ways you can do so – from donations to sponsorship. please contact me if you’re interested in helping.

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panorama: dress rehearsal

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here’s a panorama from last sunday:

panorama: dress rehearsal with the choir and orchestra
panorama: dress rehearsal with the choir and orchestra

it was taken during the dress rehearsal (the bass was on tacet), a few hours before we performed j. haydn’s theresia mass with the wilten boys’ choir (wiltener sängerknaben) and innstrumenti orchestra.
an ingenious piece of music!

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Wiltener Sängerknaben im Fernsehen

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wilten boys' choir in st. rochus church, vienna

Die Wiltener Sängerknaben haben heuer am 24.12. gleich mehrere Fernsehauftritte:

    Weihnachten auf Gut Aiderbichl
    u.a. mit dem Konzertchor der Wiltener Sängerknaben
    18:15 Das Erste (ARD, Deutschland),
    19:55 ORF 2 (Österreich),
    20:10 SF 1 (Schweiz)

    u.a. mit den Männerstimmen der Wiltener Sängerknaben
    14:00 ORF 2 (Österreich) und 3sat (Deutschland)

    mit einem musikalischen Beitrag der Wiltener Sängerknaben
    09:00 und 19:55 ZDF info (Deutschland)

Möglicherweise gibt es auch Web-Streams (Online-Videos) auf der einen oder anderen Website.

Apropos: Einige Bilder von der Konzertreise nach Wien (bei der ich die Gelegenheit hatte, “richtige” Chorfotos zu machen) sind jetzt im Fotoalbum.

[view photos: Wiltener Sängerknaben in Wien]

in english:
on december 24th, the Wilten Boys’ Choir is featured on TV several times (see above).
web-streams might be available on the respective websites.

speaking of which – i’ve just uploaded a few photos from our concert tour to vienna, austria (where i had an opportunity to take “real” choir pictures).

[view photos: wilten boys' choir in vienna]

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a trip to timisoara, romania

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wiltener sängerknaben on tour
extreme icecream-eating
piata unirii, timisoara

went on a trip to timisoara/romania with the wiltener sängerknaben (wilten boys’ choir) from april 8th to april 14th.

we flew with austrian arrows! :D (check out the show if you haven’t already.) furthermore, our co-pilot (who i happened to meet the day before flying; small world.) turned out to be a former sängerknabe himself. small world1!

it was somewhat disillusioning to see how different standards can be, just 500km from the austrian border (see accommodation photos – we were staying at a boarding school).
for example, take the showers. they were/looked extremely old and fragile, and water was leaking everywhere on the way to the shower head. the actual problem was that we didn’t have hot water the first two days. the problem was told, fixed, and we did get (very) hot showers, but cold water was off…
i thought it was rather funny in its own way.

while in timisoara, i saw the strongest differences ever between rich and poor: for example, trabis driving next to the occasional porsche that can rarely be seen on the roads at home.

at mcdoner (gallery), some of us had a sheworma. when someone discovered a french fry inside their wrap, we thought it was a coincidence. however, shewormas (apparently) feature a whole base-layer of french fries.

enough talking – here are some photos:

[view photos: timisoara, romania (pt. 1)]
[view photos: timisoara, romania (pt. 2)]

  1. i had that song stuck in my head for days, after visiting disneyland california in jan.2006! []
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wiltener sängerknaben @ gnas/jennersdorf

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i was on a choir trip to steiermark/burgenland last weekend – my first trip with the wiltener sängerknaben boy’s choir.

hackysack-ing at trieben rest stop

we arrived in gnas/steiermark [G] (you might want to zoom in) after an 8-hour bus ride with our friendly (…) bus driver and two looong and bad movies. try to avoid watching “like mike” (german speaking folk: also stay away from “7 zwerge”) – or at least protract for as long as you can.

we were staying at a supposed youth hostel in gnas , but the jugend- und familiengästehaus gnas (de) seemed more like a 3-star rated hotel: spacious, clean rooms, tv and a balcony. totally recommendable!

over night, temperatures dropped by at least 10 °C, down to 13 °C. nice. :neutral: of course, i soon caught a cold, and i wonder if that’s going to be a tradition (keyword: krems2002).

    little side note here: taking three aspirin tablets in a 5-hour-timespan is a big “no-no!” if you’re falling ill and your stomach doesn’t feel so good.

anyway: more than ever, i enjoyed being in a choir and singing very frequently.
our concert program (2 concerts and one mass) consisted of tyrolean folk songs, clerical choir music, and three operatic choir pieces. my personal highlight was richard wagner’s “freudig begrüßen wir die halle” (from the opera “tannhäuser”) – it’s monumental.

    and, on another side note, i’m still amazed at what children at that age can accomplish. :shock:

here are some photos:

[view photos: choir trip to gnas]
(i’m also trying to get pictures of the concerts. if i get any, i’m going to add them here as well.)

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choir concert

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yesterday was the first concert that i sang with the wiltener sängerknaben (wilten boy’s choir).

it was officially recorded (for a potential new cd), so i don’t think i’m allowed to post my own (crappy-quality) recordings… but some of yesterday’s songs are on the choir’s sound-sample page: try vollendet ist das große werk (haydn), or ave verum corpus (mozart).
other than that, we sang pieces of schütz, gerhold, more haydn, isaac’s innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen, and pie jesu of bernstein’s requiem (which is almost tacky. almost).

my personal highlight was the 6-bar-short soloist part in haydn’s “die himmel erzählen” (from “the creation”):

dem kommenden tage sagt es der tag;
die nacht, die verschwand der folgenden nacht;
die nacht, die verschwand der folgenden nacht.


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