a trip to timisoara, romania

wiltener sängerknaben on tour
extreme icecream-eating
piata unirii, timisoara

went on a trip to timisoara/romania with the wiltener sängerknaben (wilten boys’ choir) from april 8th to april 14th.

we flew with austrian arrows! :D (check out the show if you haven’t already.) furthermore, our co-pilot (who i happened to meet the day before flying; small world.) turned out to be a former sängerknabe himself. small world1!

it was somewhat disillusioning to see how different standards can be, just 500km from the austrian border (see accommodation photos – we were staying at a boarding school).
for example, take the showers. they were/looked extremely old and fragile, and water was leaking everywhere on the way to the shower head. the actual problem was that we didn’t have hot water the first two days. the problem was told, fixed, and we did get (very) hot showers, but cold water was off…
i thought it was rather funny in its own way.

while in timisoara, i saw the strongest differences ever between rich and poor: for example, trabis driving next to the occasional porsche that can rarely be seen on the roads at home.

at mcdoner (gallery), some of us had a sheworma. when someone discovered a french fry inside their wrap, we thought it was a coincidence. however, shewormas (apparently) feature a whole base-layer of french fries.

enough talking – here are some photos:

[view photos: timisoara, romania (pt. 1)]
[view photos: timisoara, romania (pt. 2)]

  1. i had that song stuck in my head for days, after visiting disneyland california in jan.2006! []

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