wiltener sängerknaben @ gnas/jennersdorf

i was on a choir trip to steiermark/burgenland last weekend – my first trip with the wiltener sängerknaben boy’s choir.

hackysack-ing at trieben rest stop

we arrived in gnas/steiermark [G] (you might want to zoom in) after an 8-hour bus ride with our friendly (…) bus driver and two looong and bad movies. try to avoid watching “like mike” (german speaking folk: also stay away from “7 zwerge”) – or at least protract for as long as you can.

we were staying at a supposed youth hostel in gnas , but the jugend- und familiengästehaus gnas (de) seemed more like a 3-star rated hotel: spacious, clean rooms, tv and a balcony. totally recommendable!

over night, temperatures dropped by at least 10 °C, down to 13 °C. nice. :neutral: of course, i soon caught a cold, and i wonder if that’s going to be a tradition (keyword: krems2002).

    little side note here: taking three aspirin tablets in a 5-hour-timespan is a big “no-no!” if you’re falling ill and your stomach doesn’t feel so good.

anyway: more than ever, i enjoyed being in a choir and singing very frequently.
our concert program (2 concerts and one mass) consisted of tyrolean folk songs, clerical choir music, and three operatic choir pieces. my personal highlight was richard wagner’s “freudig begrüßen wir die halle” (from the opera “tannhäuser”) – it’s monumental.

    and, on another side note, i’m still amazed at what children at that age can accomplish. :shock:

here are some photos:

[view photos: choir trip to gnas]
(i’m also trying to get pictures of the concerts. if i get any, i’m going to add them here as well.)

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