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how to: firefox, flash objects and keyboard shortcuts

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if you like to use keyboard shortcuts in firefox (such as [ctrl]+[tab] for switching between tabs, or [ctrl]+[t] to open a new one), you have probably noticed that flash takes the keyboard focus away from a page and limits it to the flash object.
to regain ordinary shortcut functionality, you usually have use your mouse and click somewhere in the page manually.

here’s a quick way to solve this little (yet annoying) problem:

  • install the unfocus extension from mozilla’s official add-on library
  • create a new shortcut somewhere in your start menu, e.g. in programs / mozilla firefox
  • point the shortcut to
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -unfocus
    be sure to copy the entire line, including quotation marks and the “-unfocus” part.
  • if necessary, modify the file path to adjust to your firefox installation. in the german version of windows, the correct path is most likely
    "C:\Programme\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -unfocus
  • now, right click that start menu shortcut, select properties (“eigenschaften” in german), and set a keyboard shortcut (“tastenkombination”).
    i’m using [ctrl]+[shift]+[alt]+[e], but you can use anything as long as it doesn’t interfere with standard shortcuts such as [ctrl]+[x], [ctrl]+[r] etc.
  • you’re done.
    in some cases, you may have to press the shortcut combination twice in order to regain focus.

firefox: important files and useful tweaks

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this is probably more of a “memo to self”-sort of post that saves me the time of searching, next time firefox decides to cause problems.
still, you might find some of it interesting:


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piclens problem when switching between windows

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ever since mr. cheng ;) introduced the ingenuity that is piclens (a free firefox plugin), i’ve been enjoying a completely different way of looking at pictures online.

however, there is a situation when it’s acting weird, so in case you have the same problem as i did:

my main pc has a desktop which stretches over two displays, and i’m using firefox with piclens when piclens is showing the 3D-wall on one of the displays and i click on a window on the other screen, piclens minimizes to a black rectangle just above the windows start button:

it behaves the same way when i use “alt+tab” to switch to a different window.
switching back to firefox, piclens seems to block any action there. double-clicking the black frame sometimes reopens the black screen, but doesn’t show any images.

the workaround: i reactivate the firefox window using “alt+tab” or “shift+alt+tab” (which goes backwards, and the piclens icon is at position 1 on my pc). not sure if this works for everybody, but it does for me.

oh, and you can now use piclens in my galleries when looking at any single album such as this.

  1. i downgraded from firefox 3 because of two bugs that gave me a hard time: consistently ignoring shortcuts after firefox.exe has been running for a random period of time (especially using bookmarks w/ keyboard shortcuts), and frequently not shutting down properly. []
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adblock plus: one-click activation/deactivation

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adblock plus icon

a tiny little modification of the standard settings for adblock plus – one of the best firefox plugins ever – has made my life a little easier:



in firefox’ adress bar, search for the entry


and change the value to “3″.

this activates/deactivates adblock plus by a single click on the adblock logo. (using standard settings, you’d have to open the dropdown-menu and click “activate/deactivate”)
i’m using this function frequently (at least, more frequently than the “blockable elements” window that opens with standard settings), so this saves me some valuable time…

in this spirit: hooray for a good support forum.


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studivz nachrichtendienst + firefox probleme

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ich verwende firefox und bin im studivz registriert. seit der umstellung des nachrichtendienstes anfang dieses jahres konnte ich studivz-nachrichten nicht mehr anzeigen lassen, weil der dazugehörige link scheinbar nicht funktionierte.

das problem konnte ich nach etwas herum-testen ausfindig machen: das firefox-addon “geo 0.7″.
wenn geo deaktiviert ist, funktioniert bei mir auch das vz-messaging wieder.

vielleicht nützt diese erkenntnis ja dem einen oder anderen vz-user etwas…

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firefox deutsch + google suche

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(for the english version, please click here.)

die deutsche version von firefox beinhaltet bei den voreingestellten such-plugins (oben rechts neben der adresszeile) einen eintrag für google.
bei benutzung dieser suche werden aber nur deutsche ergebnisse gelistet – ich finde das ziemlich lästig.
daher habe ich das plugin so angepasst, dass zwar die ergebnisseite noch deutsch ist, die resultate aber unabhängig von der sprache angezeigt werden…
die dateien müssen nur noch in den searchplugin-ordner im firefox-verzeichnis kopiert werden, normalerweise c:/Programme/MozillaFirefox/searchplugins. firefox anschliessend neustarten, und dann müsste die suche verwendbar sein.

[datei downloaden: firefox googlesearch (2KB)]

in diesem zusammenhang:

  • die tastenkombination, um direkt zur suchleiste zu kommen, ist [strg] + [k].
  • mit [strg] + [pfeiltaste nach oben/unten] kann man zwischen den suchmaschinen auswählen.
  • die reihenfolge der suchmaschinen kann man mit dem tool search engine ordering selbst sortieren, und unerwünschte suchmaschinen dabei gleich löschen.
  • noch einfacheres löschen (per rechts-klick) ist mit SearchPluginHacks möglich.

noch mehr tipps&tricks zur firefox suchleiste gibts im blog digital inspiration von amit agrawal.


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mozilla hypnobee

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just recently, i discovered a firefox extension called “firesomething”.
i think the idea is funny: firefox kind-of has a long history of previous names that had to be changed because of copyright/same name issues: phoenix was changed to firebird, which was then altered to firefox.

this is where firesomething joins – it creates random window titles everytime you start firefox.
right now, i’m surfing with mozilla hypnobee. :mrgreen:
i also liked this quote from the extension-page:

“browsing with mozilla turbobeaver makes me feel proud to be canadian.”

[get the extension]

completely unrelated:

[quote of the day]

i hope they’re not austrians. that’s the last thing this town needs. [MP3]

eric cartman in episode 8×07, about the new neighbors that have just moved in.

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