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burgruine thaur and romediuskirche from above [aerial view]

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growing up with a ubiquity of historic buildings and castles nearby, i never really felt that they were that special. that is, until friends from around the world asked about them and were very excited to see them up close.

i recently took a dji phantom for a flight around the nearby castle ruins in thaur, which date back to the late 12th century. as it turns out, the ruins had quite a vivid history comprising nobility, illegitimate children, the church, and lots of plight. the aerial view is especially interesting when compared to the below etching from 1699 on wikipedia.

castle ruins from above - burgruine thaur, austria


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panorama: sunset over rum, tirol

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earlier today: dusk is slowly creeping in over my home town, as the sun descends behind the northern range.

sunset over rum, tirol

aerial panorama recorded with a dji phantom 2 vision+.

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absam forest fire: three weeks later [photos]

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in mid-march, the hochmahdkopf forest fire claimed a total of 120 hectares of protective forest and turned into the biggest forest fire in tyrol’s history. restauration measures are expected to take about 15 years.
about three weeks after the fire, i did a short hike to check out the latschenegg site, and it looked like nature was beginning to reclaim the charred area:

absam forest fire: charred landscape at latschenegg absam forest fire: charred landscape at latscheneggabsam forest fire: fresh grass is sprouting at latschenegg

below are two interactive lytro pictures that capture the story:

(lytro living picture: click to refocus, click&drag for perspective shift)
(view on lytro.com


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forest fire in absam [photo]

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just one cigarette started a forest fire in absam this morning, which quickly spread to an area of about 3 hectares.
at night the scene looks both scary and beautiful: entire hillsides are glowing bright red. every few minutes, presumably when a new tree has fully caught fire, flames rise up several meters in the air, so that even from several kilometers away you can clearly see them with the naked eye.

forest fires in absam, austria (2014-03-20)

fire fighters, the military, and even private helicopter operators have tried all day to contain the fire using six helicopters, but the dry weather and wind have made these efforts difficult. rain is expected on saturday.
the good news is that, as far as i know, no houses or settlement are in danger.

news articles in german:

hdr version after the break: [more...]

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bike09 – the video (a two-wheeled muscle-powered race from austria to spain)

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four years “in preparation”, countless sleepless nights in the making.
here it is, finally: a video summary of our little family bike adventure from austria to spain, with 12 seconds of video clips per day.

to activate english captions, just press the captions symbol at the bottom right of the youtube player.

the video was created with gopro studio, a great freeware tool which also accepts non-gopro footage (though some videos may require conversion before you can start).

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photosphere: wildmoossee, periodic lake

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wildmoossee near seefeld, austria, is a periodic lake that only fills up every few years. a combination of the melting snow, underground rock crevices and other factors cause the local groundwater to rise in spring. after reaching its maximum level in late spring, groundwater levels slowly recede, and the lake completely disappears in autumn, to return only after approx. 4 years.

i recently visited the area and found out that both wildmoossee and neighbouring lottensee had appeared this year. before that, the lakes apparently carried water in 2012, and 2002.

here’s the season’s last remaining water at the very base of the basin, in a 360 degree panorama à la google maps:


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living picture: tyrolean snack in the mountains [lytro]

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lard with onions, and a view.
an artery-clogger, but wonderfully delicious.

(lytro living picture: click to refocus, click&drag for perspective shift)
(view on lytro.com

taken and enjoyed a few weekends ago at walderalm in gnadenwald, austria.

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