georgia excursion 2012, in 33 panorama pictures

here’s a quick (and very incomplete) set of impressions from last month’s botanical excursion to georgia (the country). instead of trying to organize and post-process all the pictures first, i decided to give you a teaser consisting only of panorama photos.

the trip took us to two main destinations: bakuriani in the lesser caucasus and kazbegi/stepantsminda in the greater caucasus.
botanical highlights included the tall herbaceous vegetation (in this case, tall really means gigantic! a 1 meter caltha sp. should speak for itself.), the tragacanth vegetation of the sheep pastures, the subnival zone of mount kazbek, and many species and genuses endemic to the caucasus regions. of course, seeing almost completely natural river systems with huge banks of the german tamarisk (myricaria germanica, very rare in central europe) is always a good encore.
apart from the biological beauty, georgia also has a rich cultural and historical background, with many churches and monasteries dating back to the very early days of christianity.

pictures after the break (en), or in the gallery (de/en).

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