paragliding in tirol – short review and photos of a tandem flight in stubai valley, austria

the sky was litterally full of paragliders here are some pictures of our recent paragliding trip in neustift, austria – more precisely, from mount elfer in beautiful stubai valley.
we had booked a trip two weeks in advance with paragliding pilot peter reinalter from air taxi tirol and his colleague lorenz peer, and it turned out to be an almost perfect day for it. staying up in the air certainly wasn’t a problem with the thermals, but going down quickly didn’t take very long either when going in close spirals. :)

we first circled near the start position, with about 15 other paragliders close by, and eventually flew around the vicinity at altitudes of up to 1.000 meters above the village. according to the gps log, we flew at a maximum speed of 62 km/h (mean speed: 19 km/h), and spiralled down at a -59 %.
the whole experience lasted for almost an hour, and was certainly worth the money. if you’d like to try this yourself, i recommend getting into contact with peter reinalter!

pictures are after the break (english only) and in the gallery (english/german). also, check out the living pictures!.

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