the best android apps (according to me): productivity

with more than 100.000 applications in the android market (2010-07-30), it’s getting hard to find good apps by just browsing the market. in “the best android apps (according to me)”, i’m going to introduce my favourite applications for android handsets.
i’m using an htc desire with android 2.2 (froyo), but as far as i know, all of them are compatible to all android versions down to 1.5 (cupcake).

if you have any thoughts/questions/suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

today’s category: productivity

astrid task/todo list (free)
astrid task/todo list for android is your own private octopedal secretary who will remind you of things to do, lists your TODOs according to importance and deadlines, and keeps track of the time you’ve spent.
she also adds nice little things to your reminders (“how about a little snack afterwards?”). astrid also syncs with remember the milk, if you’re into that.

astrid task/todo list: task overview astrid task/todo list: new task astrid task/todo list: new task (set deadlines, hide until, ...) astrid task/todo list: widget

note: astrid was recently updated to version 3, which – in my opinion – sucks. many options that i really liked about it (such as keeping track of how much time you’ve spent on a task) were removed.
luckily, version 2.14.3 (the version in my screenshots) is still available here: get it while you can.


easy note (free)
is a beautifully designed alternative to the standard android notes app (which, apparently, is missing alltogether in android 2.x?). it features fully customizable notes and folders, checklists, password protected folders, handwritten notes, and backs up your data in google docs.

easy note: overview easy note: individual notes in category "todo" easy note: checklist example easy note: quick memo (handwriting)


paperdroid (free, pro version for 2,95 €)
paperdroid is perfect for all the situations when you have 5 minutes of dwell time (when waiting in line, sitting in a bus etc.). it’s an android app for the read it later service, which lets you note down internet pages to – well – read them later. paperdroid automatically syncs with your readitlater-list and downloads the pages for offline use.
this way, you always have that article that you’ve been putting off, right at hand.

paperdroid: unread article list paperdroid: article (text-only mode) paperdroid: options (change view, view in browser, share link, ...)


handycalc (free)
if you need a little more than just 10 digits and 4 operators, handycalc offers LOTS of maths for free, inlcuding formulas with multiple variables, graphs, unit and currency conversion, …

handycalc: quadratic equation handycalc: sine and cosine function with graphs handycalc: currency conversion


alarmed alarm clock (free lite-version, full-version for 1 £)
i added this app to “productivity” because i have a hard time getting up in the mornings, which keeps me from being productive. what makes “alarmed” special, is that you can specify a number of equations and anagrams to be solved before the alarm turns off. it also includes increasing ring volume, music playlists and more.

alarmed alarm clock: settings alarmed alarm clock: solve math equations and anagrams to stop the alarm

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