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[posted: Sunday, 2015-10-25] [category: android] [tags: , ]

how to fix contact names in viber after data transfer or restore when you factory reset your android phone or switch to a new smartphone, there is unfortunately no easy way to transfer your existing viber messages, received files etc. if you’ve got your mind set to it, there is an manual to migrate viber. the downside of this manual is that upon fresh setup of your android phone, your android contacts may change device-internal IDs, which are used to connect viber contacts with your phone contacts. as a result, messages and threads may be randomly assigned to other contacts in your address book, even if they don’t have viber accounts.

here’s how to manually fix the problem and correct contact names in viber: [more…]

[posted: Wednesday, 2015-07-01] [category: android, computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

how to build a digital photo frame with wifi and dropbox using an android tablet for 40 dollars before leaving the country for an extended period of time, i was looking for a way to stay in touch with my parents that would be uncomplicated and effortless for them: they shouldn’t have to start their laptops/phones, open an app and write to see what’s been going on in my life lately. i would rather just “be around”, the way you can passively stay in touch with some friends on facebook without losing actual contact, but my parents aren’t on facebook.
the best way i could think of to achieve this sense of “being around” would be a digital photo frame that can be updated wirelessly. however, it turns out that wifi-enabed digital photo frames are quite expensive (for what they do), rather hard to get (in europe), and usually subscription-based. they also don’t work very well according to customer reviews, or their online service ends up being discontinued not long after product launch, or both.

thanks to the popularity and ubiquity of tablets, though, there is an easy way to create your own digital photo frame that can be updated wirelessly by simply copying images to a dropbox folder, and it can cost you as little as 50 dollars – or even less if you have an old android phone or tablet lying around! [more…]

[posted: Wednesday, 2015-05-27] [category: android] [tags: , , ]

how i fixed the problem of a nexus 5 being stuck in "turning on wifi" [solution] after a recent crash both in software and hardware terms, my nexus 5 running android lollipop 5.0.1 could no longer activate wifi. when touching the toggle, it would just show “wifi turning on”, but it never got around to actually scanning for wifi networks or even displaying its mac address.
after quite some online research i tried toggling aeroplane mode, deleting /data/misc/wifi (root), doing a factory reset, upgrading to the newest android version (lollipop 5.1.1), flashing other ROMs and kernels, etc. but nothing seemed to work.
since there was also a physical drop involved, i opened the N5 to check if there was anything noticeable in the internals, e.g. the wifi antenna connector being loose, but nothing was obvious. there were also several reports of google replacing wifi-faulty nexus 5 handsets under warranty due to a “hardware” or “motherboard” issue, but i wasn’t quite ready to give up yet. [more…]

[posted: Thursday, 2015-03-26] [category: computers & technology, video] [tags: , , , , ]

How to convert RX100 MP4 videos for correct aspect ratio in 1 Second Everyday MP4 videos recorded with the Sony RX100 appear distorted when processing them with the 1SecondEveryday app. this aspect ratio problem can be solved by converting the video and correcting the video dimensions with the Handbrake open source video transcoder.
here’s how:


[posted: Wednesday, 2013-08-07] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

1 second everyday: how to manually add videos to a past date (or: how to change a file's modified date in android) have you heard about 1 second everyday? it’s an app for android and ios which lets you create a neato long-term compilation of short videoclips recorded daily – as the name suggests, you can use 1 second per day.
before the android version was released, a few days ago, i had used memoir, which works with the same principle but doesn’t sync video and audio very well.

moving from one app to another is not easy: making the videos of one app available to the other modifies the “date modified” timestamp, which is used by both apps to assign videos to dates. neither app allows changing a video’s date internally (yet?), and there’s no native feature in android to change a file’s timestamp. basically, once you run into a problem that requires file handling (and/or want to migrate videos from one app to the other), you’re stuck.

that’s a rather unsatisfactory realization, so i decided to look for a workaround: [more…]

[posted: Saturday, 2013-05-04] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , , ]

update: google has published a new, official way to publish photospheres on your website, which still works (in contrast to the below, outdated method).

if you’ve been following the feature additions to android over the past few months, you’ve probably heard of photospheres: they’re google streetview-like interactive 360 degree panoramas that you can easily record with your smartphone running android jellybean 4.2+.
now, google has finally provided us with a way to embed photo spheres from google+ on other websites, including your self-hosted wordpress blog!

stunning views from seegrube, innsbruck

here’s a little function for your wordpress theme’s functions.php, which will enable the shortcodes [photosphere URL] and [ps URL]: [more…]

[posted: Tuesday, 2012-02-14] [category: android] [tags: , ]

apparatus - a physics puzzle game for android

there’s a neat physics puzzle game in the android market called apparatus (lite version). it’s a beautifully designed game reminiscent of that classic game the incredible machine. since some of the higher levels are tricky, i decided to post screenshots of my solutions. [more…]