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one of the things i actually don’t like about my htc phone is the fact that htc has decided to remove the option to disable automatic capitalization.
i haven’t found a direct way to turn auto caps off, but there’s a modification of their virtual keyboard that re-adds this feature:

how to disable auto capitalization on your htc phone

  • go to this article on and download the version that fits your phone (“high res version” for the desire, “low res for android 1.5” for the hero)
  • unzip the package. if you downloaded the file to your computer, transfer the .apk to your phone’s sd card.
  • use your favourite android file manager to install. (i’m assuming you can also install through htc sync).
  • you’re NOT done yet.
  • open up the settings, language & keyboard, and allow “HTC_IME mod”.
  • in a text input field (email, notes, sms, wherever), long press the field and choose “select input method”, there choose “HTC_IME mod”.
  • if you now go to the keyboard settings (from your keyboard, or via settings), scroll down to the section “Mods by jonasl@xda”. “text input” will lead you to the long-sought option: “disable capitalization”.

this modified input method also adds a bunch of other options, such as: custom top level domains for the “.com” key (long press), a smiley key instead of “hide keyboard”, as well as speech-to-text (android 2.1 only).
you do not need root rights to install.


  1. anon says:

    when i did all that it just says that it quit unexpectedly and i cant use it

  2. markus says:

    unfortunately, this procedure doesn’t work with the latest version of swype anymore. they wrote something about having to completely revamp the user dictionary architecture…

  3. stefan says:

    or you can just install an alternative keyboard from google play which is offering those funktions (e.g. go keyboard, perfect keyboard free, etc.)

    i am now using perfect keyboard free WITHOUT any automatic capitalization. i also disabled some other stuff :-)

    works for me – hope i’ve helped


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