thailand photos, pt. 5: hua hin

the beach, plastered with sunshades

the way i experienced hua hin [G], it’s about what most people picture if they hear of a single guy going to thailand for holidays: there were “massage” studios with tinted windows on every corner (some of the signs went as far as saying “special massage for man by woman”) and lots of grey-haired men with local women who were far below the standard creepiness rule of dating.
it seems like everybody you speak to (except for the staff of bird guesthouse (a converted fisherman’s pier, it’s family run) – they were really friendly) wants to sell you something.

big portions of the beach were covered in sunshades from the hotel’s exit right up to the water. i think it wouldn’t have been hard to stay out of the sun completely. on the beach.

for us, there was really only one reason to go to hua hin: getting a tailored suit for next to nothing. :)

we stayed there for exactly as long as we had to, and then headed north.

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