stephen fry’s kakapo tweets

here’s a list of recent twitter-posts by stephen fry, who’s just left codfish island, where he and mark carwardine tried to get some kakapo footage.
you don’t need to read between the lines to get a feeling that they were successful.

[ad#right]Monday morning in Invercargill. Off to Codfish Island. Stringent quarantine style disinfection of all clothes/shoes etc. 4 night stay. x 10:47 AM Jan 4th

Codfish I is home to the world’s last 90 kakapo birds. Going to film them over next 5 days. Great privilege to be allowed there x 10:48 AM Jan 4th

Anyway. On Codfish Island. Most beautiful. Penguins. Tui. Awaiting dusk and the first booming of the nocturnal kakapo. Sx 10:07 PM Jan 4th

Watched (and heard) a kakapo booming in his bowl last night. Wonderful. Sxx 11:02 AM Jan 5th

To some extent the kakapo is one of evolution’s most pitiable errors. On the other hand there is something in their solemn lovelinesss … x 10:24 PM Jan 5th

When I say kakapo are “evolution’s error”, it’s their complex mating rituals,inability to flee predators and general (sweet) dumbness x 10:38 PM Jan 5th

Morning walk along the beach of Codfish Island, looking for penguin and seals. Two more nights on the island yet. x 10:57 AM Jan 6th

A kakapo tried to shag the back of my leg. Mark was roughly shagged on the back of his neck. It’s mating time for kakapo: anyone’ll do x about 17 hours ago

Leaving Codfish Island this morning and heading for Queenstown. Kakapo made 1 last alarming attempt to ravish me on way to loo last night x about 3 hours ago


kakapo shagging humans?
sounds a lot like sirocco is back on the island :)

very much related blog post: the actual video clip aired in october 2009. you can see it in my other post, horny kakapo on tv.

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