last minute tech stress

tom dismantles my k750i

just in time for the first december day when i had planned nothing, some technical problems arised, so i wouldn’t get a chance at being bored…

first, i dropped my beloved sony ericsson k750i. it survived, but a spring got loose in the camera slide thingy.
tom has a set of tiny screwdrivers for cellphones, so we dismantled it and put the spring back where it belonged.

we couldn’t find a photo of the correct position on the internet, so i thought i’d post one here:


then, our dsl router slowly died – giving up routing first, then playing “guess what ip-address i’m randomly choosing” (it was configured to have a fixed one, though). when we had figured out that there was nothing we could do about it, i had about an hour left of shopping before the stores would close for the extended weekend.

on the new one, they placed a humble reminder of what to do for starters.
i’m familiar with the web-interface of d-link routers, but decided to follow their advice, just in case. the setup programme on the provided cd had these instructions (simplified):

    step one: power it up
    step two: connect your pc to the router
    step three: connect the modem to the router
    step four: let the router check out the modem connection

i’m so glad they had that sticker on.
i never got to step 5 because of some technical error, so i switched back to manual mode and used the web-interface.

[view photos: k750i tinkering]

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