it must be winter…

today’s quote is a pun from pinky and the brain (s1e12 “mouse of la mancha”):

    [quote of the day]
    brain: open ye, open ye! in the name of knight errantry!
    innkeeper: it must be winter, the knights are getting shorter! haha, get it?
    brain: unfortunately, yes.

and another one, from south park (s7e07 “red man’s greed”):

    casino host: i am afraid minors cannot go onto the casino floor.
    cartman: i’m not a miner, dumbass. do you see a shovel in my hand??

it’s that kind of wordplay that shows how much gets lost in the process of translating and dubbing – even if the translators are incredibly good.
this is one of the reasons why i prefer watching movies/series in their original language, even if it means i have to watch a french movie thrice to understand enough of it…

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