…and a happy new year!

2006 has been an incredibly successful and productive year for me, and i already have big plans for 2007…
in that spirit, i wish you all the best for the new year!

new year's fireworks

[view photos: the beginning of a new year]

group photo

update on 01.01.2007 21:35:
we celebrated new year’s eve at stefan’s place in grinzens (some people call it “tirol’s steepest village”).
had a great time and lots of fun, accompanied by hot dogs and sweet treats like alex’s mum’s wonderful sacher cake and lisa’s famous mousse au chocolat.

[view photos: new year’s eve get-together]

3 thoughts on “…and a happy new year!

  1. Sehr gelungene Silvesterfotos! Gratuliere! :-)

    (Habts schön gefeiert?) -> Ein gutes neues Jahr mit viel Erfolg und Gesundheit!

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