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[posted: Saturday, 2011-01-01] [category: general, photo] [tags: ]

i wish you all the best for the coming year!

Watching the fireworks from our balcony


[posted: Thursday, 2009-01-01] [category: general] [tags: ]

happy new year, and all the best for 2009!

new year's fireworks

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[posted: Tuesday, 2008-01-01] [category: general] [tags: ]

i wish you a happy new year!
may all your jam sandwiches land on the jam-free side in 2008! :)

new year's eve 2008 in innsbruck, austria
big fireworks, fast shutter.
new year’s fireworks in innsbruck, austria.

i used to ask myself the question “what is it we’re celebrating? one year finally being over, or another one coming up?”
this year, the answer is obvious to me.
if 2008 becomes only half as successful as 2007, it’ll still be a great year.

[posted: Monday, 2007-01-01] [category: photo] [tags: ]

2006 has been an incredibly successful and productive year for me, and i already have big plans for 2007…
in that spirit, i wish you all the best for the new year!

new year's fireworks

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group photo

update on 01.01.2007 21:35:
we celebrated new year’s eve at stefan’s place in grinzens (some people call it “tirol’s steepest village”).
had a great time and lots of fun, accompanied by hot dogs and sweet treats like alex’s mum’s wonderful sacher cake and lisa’s famous mousse au chocolat.

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