tirol sightseeing w/ the byers family

for the past two weeks, the byers family (finally) made a return visit and stayed with us. it was also the first time that my family got to meet cindy, heather and larry.

heather, cindy and larry
heather, cindy and larry

as expected, we had lots and lots of fun on every occasion.

here are some local&regional sights that we covered:

  • downtown innsbruck
  • alpenzoo
  • seegrube/hafelekar
  • bergisel ski-jump
  • walderalm (a pasture/alpine restaurant)
  • schloss tratzberg (tratzberg castle)
  • swarovski crystal worlds
  • schloss neuschwanstein (neuschwanstein castle)

apart from that, we also went to my dad’s concert on oct. 15th, and made multiday-trips to salzburg and switzerland (more information will be posted).

little side note:

    since my parents’ english is very basic, i was translating in both directions all the time – which was FUN! (and i got a chance to leave out the embarassing stuff about me ;-))
    on the other hand, it was so intense that i even translated everything in my dreams…

for more information and some links & photos, please see the following entries.

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