tirol sightseeing: alpenzoo, downtown innsbruck

i decided that it would be (kind-of) appropriate to welcome the americans in traditional tyrolean clothing, and anton joined in.
(the world clearly isn’t ready for this image yet, so i password-protected it… :smile: contact me if you’d like to see it!)

at the airport, one woman even ran over somebody else’s foot with her huge suitcase because she kept staring at us :mrgreen:

first we went to see some local stuff:

  • the alpenzoo – some walking after about 11 hours of airplane-time.
    there are some 360°-panoramas here, by the way. just download and execute the .exe-files…
  • and a tour around downtown innsbruck, including the golden roof, the riesenrundgemälde (one of the world’s 24 huge panorama painings.), the triumphal arch, st. james cathedral, the jesuit church and the landestheater.

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(to be continued)

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