matterhorn greetings

hi there!

i’m in zermatt/switzerland right now, and there’s free wireless internet in our hotel, style hotel biner, so i thought i’d do a quick update.

like i mentioned, the byers family has finally gotten around for a visit to austria and its surroundings, and after some local sightseeing etc. (we still have plenty of things to do at home, though), we headed out for salzburg&the salzkammergut-region last weekend.

today we headed out for zermatt, where we will stay overnight and move on to interlaken and lucerne the next days.

from the LOADS of pictures i’m taking, i thought i’d share a quick one. this was taken at andermatt/switzerland [G] this afternoon:

[photo missing]

in case you can’t tell: yes, we’re happy ;-)


3 thoughts on “matterhorn greetings

  1. :wink: Just a bit windy at that moment…and cold but happy to get out of the car after the long drives. Hey – where’s Ramona and Pig???

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