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on whitsunday i was singing with the new choir that i recently joined. we sang w.a. mozart’s “missa solemnis” at a service.
it was a real delight! i can’t believe it took me so long to join a choir again.

i’ve been “almost really sick” over the weekend. i managed to …stay alive and keep my voice for sunday morning (see above), but other than that, i had either a bad cold or a light flu. so i (over-)slept most of the weekend.
luckily ( :???: :mad:) i got well just in time to go to work again after the holidays.

supersocial run is continued but flattening.

3 thoughts on “update

  1. glad you’re singing!

    i’m playing in a concert on friday. we (orchestra and large chorus) will be playing Haydn’s Mass in Stanford’s Memorial Church. It’s not quite like the churches you have over in Europa, but it’s still nice. :)

  2. *lol* :mrgreen:
    i should mention that i’m one of the bass-singers in the background (the ones who wear a tux), NOT one of the 8-year-olds in Lederhosen and Stutzen :smile:

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