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[posted: Wednesday, 2005-05-18] [category: computers & technology]

i’d like to share a few links:

  • paper napkin: automatic rejection emails
  • mailinator: single-serving anonymous email addresses
  • firesomething: a reaction to the numerous name-changes of firefox (phoenix >> firebird >> firefox); seems fun, but it doesn’t exist for v1.04 yet, and i just upgraded 10 minutes ago.

uh, and try this:
telnet to in your console*, and you will get an ascii-version of star wars episode 4.
i wonder if they really did the whole movie, or just the first 5 minutes that most people will watch.
* open [start]-[run], type “cmd” and then enter “telnet”
  in german: [start]-[ausführen], “cmd” eingeben, und dann “telnet”


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