lojban, the artificial language

i recently learned about lojban – an artificial language that was developed in 1987 by the logical language group.
although i didn’t have time to get into this topic – actually i didn’t even scratch the surface yet – this is really interesting.
apparently, this language was carefully constructed on the basics of logic.

this could satisfy all the anglophobics, who desperately try to stop english form being the world’s primary language. it could also end the subliminal fight between english and french over the status of “world language”.

although i’m an anglophile (obviously), this has really aroused my curiosity.
i think it’s just unknown (50 – 200 speakers worldwide) and abstract enough to get me interested – the geeky kind of “interested”.

an older, and therefore more established artificial language is esperanto. here, the number of speakers is said to be in the range of millions.

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