natural camouflage

you know what the best part of growing your hair (or, as i use to put it: “not cutting your hair” – fundamental difference) is? that's me!
almost all of my friends who i haven’t seen in some time will stand three feet away from me, looking me straight in the eyes, and still have a hard time remembering who that face belonged to.
i think it’s hilarious to watch people think so hard that you can nearly hear their thoughts. most of the time this is followed by a relieved “ahhh! it’s YOU!”

on the other hand, some people who i didn’t think would recognize me even with my usual haircut, greet me instantly (the kind of “it’s nice to see you again! how have you been?”-hello).
like my boss from four years ago, who i don’t think liked me *very* much (he didn’t hate me, and was always kind. but he also didn’t seem to be fond of me).

– –
there’s something inside me that restrains me from going to bed before midnight. there – i gave in again!

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