rising traffic

last month, nearly 1.5 GB of data have been transferred from this website.
this is a lot, compared to may 2004’s 84 MB!

after the indexing of my photos around march, the transferred data increased nearly exponentially:
february: 620 visitors*, 650 MB
march: 1349 visitors*, 970 MB (+50%)
april: 2881 visitors*, 1520 MB (+50%)
* search-engines are already excluded in this list!

with over 100 visitors a day, and being 50% over my transfer limit, i’ve decided to at least think about measures to keep data transfer down.

a possible way to achieve that would be shrinking all the images, or deleting the old ones, which i really don’t want to do. for now.

instead, i have zipped most of the movies and soundfiles on the server to prevent from streaming. since those are many times the size of a single photo, and they’re getting more attention as well, this should do at least some good.
please let me know if i forgot to update a link. (BTW, you’ll see all the posts that contain files (photos, videos, mp3s, …) in the category “media”.
at this point, i’d like to thank andi and tom again for the webspace.

2 thoughts on “rising traffic

  1. Markus –

    It could be rampant RSS checking that is driving up visits. You may want to modify RSS to only output text, or a snippet of the post…?

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