the most romantic lines ever

the following lines, taken from vienna teng lyrics, are so deeply moving (for me, anyway) that they keep circling in my mind ever since i heard them:

    he said: “go where you have to,
    for i belong to you, until my dying day.”
    so like a fool,
    blue caravan,
    i believed him and i walked away
    vienna teng – blue caravan

    so i ask you to meet me tonight,
    by the gardens we walk in the twilight,
    the roses abound by your side,
    i will hold you and let you decide.
    vienna teng – abound
    andreas sahar – abound (vienna teng covered it)

    you’ve got a journey to make
    there’s your horizon to chase
    so go far beyond where we stand
    no matter the distance
    i’m holding your hand
    vienna teng – harbor

i’m a little disturbed by how much these words, combined with vienna’s soundscapes, provoke in me.
besides, i’m so addicted to “blue caravan” that i hear marika’s chello when it’s totally silent around me.
that last paragraph was written in early april, when the webcast of her house concert was online…

2 thoughts on “the most romantic lines ever

  1. hi there — got here via a google search. but just a quick note that Abound was actually written by Andreas Sahar, not Vienna. though she covers it beautifully. and i agree: some of her lyrics are really amazingly good.

    Eric Miller

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