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[posted: Thursday, 2013-09-12] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

i recently lost power during an automated system update, which caused a fatal windows xp error. the computer would show the bios screen, try to boot, and just restart. booting into safe mode didn’t work either. using the boot options menu (press F8 just after the bios screen goes away), i was able to deactivate the automatic system restart after serious errors, and finally was presented with the following error code:

windows xp: solution to bluescreen of death error c000021a (fatal system error)


[posted: Tuesday, 2012-01-10] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

the problem:
i have a folder with lots of files in them, and need a list of filenames that can be edited using a text editor, excel or word.

the solution:
this is pretty simple in windows: just open notepad or your favourite text editor, copy&paste the following code:

dir /a /b /-p /o:gen >filelist.txt
…and “save as” a .bat file, e.g. filelist.bat (make sure it’s not .bat.txt!).
now, if you execute that file (double-click or enter), it creates a textfile named “filelist.txt” in the same directory.

code via theeldergeek