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[posted: Tuesday, 2013-10-22] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , ]

just got off an interesting chat with customer support at carbonite online backup, and thought i’d share my some interesting things you might not know about the backup service:

carbonite backup: how to prioritize files, get more upload speed, and more

  • carbonite generally keeps deleted files in the cloud for 30 days.
  • that rule does not apply if you manually exclude files from the backup (right-click a file/folder and choose “carbonite” – “don’t back this up”). these will be removed after 72 hours.
    … so my plan to prioritize upload of certain files by temporarily removing an extensive picture library from the backup backfired. :\
  • to prioritize files for upload the right way, right-click files that are waiting to be uploaded and select “back up this file as soon as possible”. this option currently only shows up for files (not folders) which are pending upload.
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[posted: Friday, 2013-01-18] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , ]

will carbonite delete your backup files if you're offline for 30 days? the answer is no. i recently signed up for carbonite’s cloud backup service, and it’s great. on-the go access to all your (backed up) files from any browser is very vaulable! so is the flat rate starting at 59 USD per year, which includes unlimited storage.

one thing that has been bugging me, is their 30 day file retention limit: they delete backed-up files after 30 days, it says on their website, but it wasn’t clear to me whether that just applies to deleted files, or all files if you don’t connect within 30 days.
customer service was kind enough to clear that up for me. [more…]