one second everyday: 2013/2 in review

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about half a year ago i discovered an app called 1 second everyday, which allows you plug one second of video per day into a growing personal clip compilation.
much has happened in the past year – and then again, not really that much – and with the start of the new year i’m happy to present to you the second half of 2013 in review:

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bike09 – the video (a two-wheeled muscle-powered race from austria to spain)

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four years “in preparation”, countless sleepless nights in the making.
here it is, finally: a video summary of our little family bike adventure from austria to spain, with 12 seconds of video clips per day.

to activate english captions, just press the captions symbol at the bottom right of the youtube player.

the video was created with gopro studio, a great freeware tool which also accepts non-gopro footage (though some videos may require conversion before you can start).

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bike09 part 3: spain – punctures, detours, and explosions (a two-wheeled muscle-powered race from austria to spain)

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almost drove onto the autopista - no bikes allowedpreviously, on…

in the long long ago (a.k.a. 2009), my parents, little brother and i embarked on a small adventure through europe.
our goal was to get to denia (spain) right from our doorstep in rum/innsbruck (austria), using only our bicycles, while keeping the budget as low as possible. to make things a bit more interesting, we split up into two teams racing each other: team 1 (mom and dad) took a route through italy and france, team 2 (anton and i) went through switzerland and france. the team that arrived at our destination first, would win.
we sent a postcard home every few days to record our progress along the 2200 km journey and prove when we were where.

…here’s part three of our adventure: teams one and two – anton and i, reunited with our parents – cycling south from figueres, spain (near the french border) south towards our destination, dénia.


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photosphere: wildmoossee, periodic lake

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wildmoossee near seefeld, austria, is a periodic lake that only fills up every few years. a combination of the melting snow, underground rock crevices and other factors cause the local groundwater to rise in spring. after reaching its maximum level in late spring, groundwater levels slowly recede, and the lake completely disappears in autumn, to return only after approx. 4 years.

i recently visited the area and found out that both wildmoossee and neighbouring lottensee had appeared this year. before that, the lakes apparently carried water in 2012, and 2002.

here’s the season’s last remaining water at the very base of the basin, in a 360 degree panorama à la google maps:


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living picture: tyrolean snack in the mountains [lytro]

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lard with onions, and a view.
an artery-clogger, but wonderfully delicious.

(lytro living picture: click to refocus, click&drag for perspective shift)
(view on

taken and enjoyed a few weekends ago at walderalm in gnadenwald, austria.

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carbonite backup: how to prioritize files, get more upload speed, and more

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just got off an interesting chat with customer support at carbonite online backup, and thought i’d share my some interesting things you might not know about the backup service:

carbonite backup: how to prioritize files, get more upload speed, and more

  • carbonite generally keeps deleted files in the cloud for 30 days.
  • that rule does not apply if you manually exclude files from the backup (right-click a file/folder and choose “carbonite” – “don’t back this up”). these will be removed after 72 hours.
    … so my plan to prioritize upload of certain files by temporarily removing an extensive picture library from the backup backfired. :\
  • to prioritize files for upload the right way, right-click files that are waiting to be uploaded and select “back up this file as soon as possible”. this option currently only shows up for files (not folders) which are pending upload.
  • [more...]

australia flashback: melbourne skyline at sunset, and little penguin fledgling

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here’s a picture of melbourne’s skyline, painted dark orange by the setting sun:

melbourne skyline at sunset

the photo was taken at st. kilda harbour, where a colony of little penguins (eudyptula minor) have made their home in the local breakwater. [more...]

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