how to convert an .avi file for use in gopro studio, using only freeware

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update 2015-08-19: this tutorial doesn’t seem to be working anymore. try the updated, simplified GoPro Studio conversion article instead.

how to convert an .avi file for use in gopro studio, using only freeware GoPro Studio is a great piece of video editing software, especially for two reasons: firstly, it’s straight-forward and easy to use, and secondly, it’s available for free.

GoPro Studio (formerly: Cineform Studio) is compatible with “GoPro, Canon, Nikon and other constant frame rate H.264 mp4 and .mov formats”, but what can you do if you’d like to edit videos from other cameras?
you can use MPEG Streamclip 1.2 to quickly convert any video into a format that can be imported directly into GoPro Studio.

update: after some complaints, i’ve re-tested the method on two computers and several .avi files from various cameras. for me, works fine with GoPro Studio v. 2.0.1 and v. 2.5 on two of my computers (be sure to click on “Step 2″). see comments for details.

here’s how: [more...]

forest fire in absam [photo]

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just one cigarette started a forest fire in absam this morning, which quickly spread to an area of about 3 hectares.
at night the scene looks both scary and beautiful: entire hillsides are glowing bright red. every few minutes, presumably when a new tree has fully caught fire, flames rise up several meters in the air, so that even from several kilometers away you can clearly see them with the naked eye.

forest fires in absam, austria (2014-03-20)

fire fighters, the military, and even private helicopter operators have tried all day to contain the fire using six helicopters, but the dry weather and wind have made these efforts difficult. rain is expected on saturday.
the good news is that, as far as i know, no houses or settlement are in danger.

news articles in german:

hdr version after the break: [more...]

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brinno tlc200 pro and eye-fi sd card – first steps and short review

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brinno tlc200 pro: close focus time-lapse test in a recent blog post, i detailled the results of my search for a viable construction time lapse camera. the short version: the TLC200 Pro by Brinno sounded like the best option considering viewing angle, long-term usability and pricing.

the camera and some accessories were delivered recently, and i found the answers to some of my original questions. in this article, you’ll find a short review and my initial experience with brinno’s “pro” time lapse camera.

box contents:

Brinno TLC200 Pro time-lapse camera, weather resistant housing and wall mount

  • Brinno TLC200 Pro
  • 4 AA batteries (Toshiba alkaline)
  • 1 4GB SD-Card (Imation, class 4)
  • printed manual booklet and quick start guide
  • 2 lens covers, shallow and deep
  • 1 focus fixation screw (slotted)
  • tiny screwdriver (cross)

for future outdoor use, my order also included the ATH120 weather resistant housing and AWM100 wall mount.


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construction time-lapse options: ip cameras vs. gopro hero 3+ vs. brinno

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i’ve been searching for an affordable standalone time-lapse solution to document the upcoming construction of a house. since there isn’t much hands-on information around, i thought i’d share the results of my extensive market research (which has taken up far too much time).

construction time-lapse options: ip cameras vs. gopro hero 3+ vs. brinno

firstly, here are the camera features i was looking for:

  • standalone system (no pc connection)
  • wide-angle lens
  • time lapse capability (interval recording)
  • external power supply
  • high resolution
  • wifi access
  • (ideally) automatic ftp upload
  • continuous operation for 6+ months
  • relative outdoor suitability (to be mounted under a roof)

the camera is going to be mounted on the neighbour’s house, and the distance/height situation requires a horizontal field of view of at least 110 degrees – hence the wide-angle requirement. wifi is available on site, as is a relatively protected camera position under the roof. the construction phase with most outside changes is estimated at several months, so i’m aiming for an interval between 10 and 30 minutes. [more...]

epidermal bladder cells on a tiny desert-plant seedling in south africa [photo]

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the tiny plant below is a stone plant seedling (aizoaceae), growing in the harsh conditions of the “knersvlakte” quartz gravel landscape in north-eastern south africa. the seedling has only formed its first pair of cotyledons, which are already completely covered in epidermal bladder cells:

a tiny stone plant seedling (aizoaceae) that is covered in epidermal bladder cells.

bladder cells are modified trichomes (hair-like structures) common in the stone plant family (aizoaceae), which are used to remove salt from the plant system.

to give you a better sense of scale, here’s the same view plus my index finger tip: [more...]

gopro studio problems: reopening a project produces time-shifted titles, resets opening title

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gopro studio software is a simple, straight-forward and free video stitching software.
in short, it’s awesome. however, in a recent video project i experienced two distinct problems: whenever i saved, closed and reopened a project, the opening title (video track) was reset to standard values (content, formatting, length), and titles (title tracks) were shifted a few seconds to the right.
here’s a quick overview of what causes these problems, and what you can do to stop them from happening.

title delay

the problem: titles in the title tracks (resulting in overlay text) are aligned perfectly with their respective video clips. after saving the project, closing gopro studio, and re-opening it, these titles are shifted to the right in the timeline, i.e. they are delayed and appear later in the video. this can happen at the beginning of the video, somewhere in the middle, or near the end. however, it always continues to the end of the video.

gopro studio title delay problem: before (upper) and after (lower) reopening a project file


stellate parenchyma [photo and animation]

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stellate parenchyma is a form of aeration tissue (aerenchyma) in plants, which helps with internal air circulation in plants. the tissue is typical of aquatic and wetland plants, and consists of cells with large intercellular spaces that allow air supply to underwater plant parts.

stellate parenchyma (aerenchyma) of juncus sp.

due to the very narrow depth of field at high magnification, the picture is actually a focus stack of 22 combined layers. to get a feeling for the three-dimensional structure of this anatomical section, check out the animation below: [more...]

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