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[posted: Thursday, 2015-03-26] [category: computers & technology, video] [tags: , , , , ]

How to convert RX100 MP4 videos for correct aspect ratio in 1 Second Everyday MP4 videos recorded with the Sony RX100 appear distorted when processing them with the 1SecondEveryday app. this aspect ratio problem can be solved by converting the video and correcting the video dimensions with the Handbrake open source video transcoder.
here’s how:


[posted: Monday, 2015-02-16] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , , ]

How to remove unknown passwords from protected Microsoft Word files I’m regularly annoyed at password-protected Microsoft Word files that only permit editing of certain aspects of the document such as form fields. By itself, Word’s “Restricted Editing” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s the fact that file creators are usually very conservative and prefer to disallow editing something “just in case”, rather than giving users the option to add text somewhere unexpected.
The result is often that in order to complete a form, one must print it out and amend it with a pen, or convert to PDF and use the “comment” function.

Looking for a way around, I recently found out how to remove the Document Protection from Word files without knowing the actual password*:

* Note that this method only works with Word Docs that are protected from editing, not files that require a password to open. [more…]

[posted: Saturday, 2014-12-06] [category: time lapse] [tags: , ]

here’s a little christmas time lapse video i recorded last year: for my mom’s birthday (shortly before christmas), my aunt hand-crocheted a full set of christmas ornaments. we decorated the tree while mom was gone, and then led her into the room when she returned. mom was blown away!

soundtrack: christmas time by franco castagnotto

[posted: Friday, 2014-10-03] [category: photo] [tags: , ]

growing up with a ubiquity of historic buildings and castles nearby, i never really felt that they were that special. that is, until friends from around the world asked about them and were very excited to see them up close.

i recently took a dji phantom for a flight around the nearby castle ruins in thaur, which date back to the late 12th century. as it turns out, the ruins had quite a vivid history comprising nobility, illegitimate children, the church, and lots of plight. the aerial view is especially interesting when compared to the below etching from 1699 on wikipedia.

castle ruins from above - burgruine thaur, austria


[posted: Saturday, 2014-09-27] [category: general] [tags: , , , ]

not too long ago, we came across a small patch of squirting cucumbers (ecballium elaterium) in spain, and wanted to see their rather spectacular mode of seed propagation in action:

using hygroballochory, the species can expel its seeds into distances of up to 12 meters.

footage was recorded with a gopro hero 3 black at 120 fps, 720p. clips are in real-time, 4x slow motion, and (last sequence) 8x slow motion (i.e.15 fps), respectively.

[posted: Monday, 2014-08-11] [category: photo] [tags: , , ]

earlier today: dusk is slowly creeping in over my home town, as the sun descends behind the northern range.

sunset over rum, tirol

aerial panorama recorded with a dji phantom 2 vision+.

[posted: Saturday, 2014-07-26] [category: random photos] [tags: , ]

japanese maple (acer palmatum) leaves in the trauttmannsdorff castle gardens (merano, italy).

japanese maple (acer palmatum) leaves in the trauttmannsdorff castle gardens, hdr photo