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[posted: Sunday, 2015-10-25] [category: android] [tags: , ]

how to fix contact names in viber after data transfer or restore when you factory reset your android phone or switch to a new smartphone, there is unfortunately no easy way to transfer your existing viber messages, received files etc. if you’ve got your mind set to it, there is an manual to migrate viber. the downside of this manual is that upon fresh setup of your android phone, your android contacts may change device-internal IDs, which are used to connect viber contacts with your phone contacts. as a result, messages and threads may be randomly assigned to other contacts in your address book, even if they don’t have viber accounts.

here’s how to manually fix the problem and correct contact names in viber: [more…]

[posted: Friday, 2015-10-16] [category: nature, science] [tags: , , , , ]

it’s been rather quiet in the blog lately, so i thought i’d share a peek into what we’ve been up to at work:

Hydraulic vulnerability analysis using X-ray microCT
MicroCT cross section of a Eucalyptus stem. One of the major points of critique for hydraulic measurements of xylem vulnerability and embolism is that they are destructive measurements. In contrast, non-invasive imaging has made it possible to observe xylem function and the spread of embolism in living, intact plants without destructive sampling and associated artefacts.

In collaboration with Iain Young and Richard Flavel at the University of New England, Armidale, we recently scanned the stems of young Eucalyptus trees at high resolution using X-ray Micro Computed Tomography (microCT) to visualize the loss of hydraulic function at increasing levels of drought. [more…]

[posted: Monday, 2015-10-12] [category: random photos] [tags: , ]

with the dramatic clouds and colours at sunset today, a panorama was just waiting to be recorded:

panorama: dramatic clouds and colours at sunset

[posted: Thursday, 2015-09-24] [category: general]

dramatic clouds, sun rays, and rolling hills above giro and the monkeycot nature reserve

dramatic clouds, sun rays, and rolling hills above giro and the monkeycot nature reserve

the picture was taken en route north to armidale, at a little scenic viewpoint overlooking giro (nsw) and the monkeycot nature reserve.

[posted: Wednesday, 2015-08-19] [category: computers & technology] [tags: , , ]

[updated & simplified] how to convert an .avi file for use in gopro studio, using only freeware more than a year ago, i published the article how to convert an .avi file for use in gopro studio, using only freeware, which has apparently seen quite some interest. recently, the article has accumulated more and more comments about problems following the tutorial. after a fresh install of Windows and GoPro Studio, the Cineform HD codec is indeed no longer available in MPEG Streamclip.

here’s an easier method of converting non-GoPro videos for compatibility with GoPro Studio, which has worked for me. [more…]

[posted: Sunday, 2015-07-12] [category: photo, travel] [tags: , , ]

here are a few impressions from a recent field trip to outback australia, more precisely western new south wales. our route included stops in toorale national park, wilcannia, broken hill and mootwingee (mutawintji) national park and kinchega national park.

panorama: kinchega national park - the desert, after rainfall

i’ll let the pictures and captions speak for themselves. [more…]

[posted: Tuesday, 2015-07-07] [category: photo, travel] [tags: , ]

below, you see a resized version of a 45 megapixel night sky panorama recorded in toorale national park near bourke, outback new south wales, australia. the image is composed of 24 individual 30 second exposures at f/1.8 and ISO 1600 taken with the Sony RX100 (mark 1), a compact camera that continues to impress me even after almost three years of frequent use. the panorama took almost an hour to record.

night sky panorama: the milky way, seen from toorale national park in the australian outback

here’s a detail crop of the milky way, from the left third of the image: [more…]