commercial seal products banned in the EU

earlier this year, i wrote about the then-upcoming EU vote to ban seal products from “commercially harvested seals”. it took place last tuesday, and the bill passed with an overwhelming majority .

Europeans Limit Seal Imports, as Canadian Officials Protest
In a blunt challenge to Canada and thousands of Canadian seal hunters, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to ban the importing or sale of furs and other products from commercially harvested seals.

Canadian officials immediately criticized the ban, which could take effect within several weeks, for not exempting countries like Canada that have guidelines requiring humane, sustainable hunts1.

The vote, 550 to 49 with 41 abstentions, was welcomed by animal welfare groups that have fought the seal hunts for decades.

The European ban would not cover products from seals killed in subsistence hunts by the Inuit and other indigenous northern communities.


more information: press release of the european parliament

the regulation will be effective 3 weeks from now.

it feels good to be a european!

  1. i can’t believe they’re still trying to make the hunt look “humane”. []

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