a chance to end canada’s seal hunt

Canadian Senator Mac Harb Introduces Legislation To End The Seal Hunt
For the first time ever, a Canadian poliician has introduced legislation to put an end to the largest remaining marine mammal slaughter in the world: Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

The Honourable Senator Mac Harb (Liberal) successfully introduced Bill S-229, casually referred to as the “Harb Seal Bill”, for first reading in the Canadian Senate. The bill would bring an end to the commercial hunting of seals in Canadian waters, while protecting the rights of aboriginal peoples to hunt seals.

source: blog.stopthesealhunt.com

there’s an email campaign from the IFAW that could really make a difference.

meanwhile, in other parts of the world:

EU Parliamentary Committee Votes To Ban Seal Products
The European Parliament’s internal market committee has voted to strictly ban trading throughout the EU in products derived from seals. A report approved by the committee on Tuesday, March 3, said the ban would cover seal products, as well as meat, oil, blubber, organs and fur skins.

The parliament said in a statement that it had reacted to concerns by non-governmental organizations and public opinion in most member states about seal killings.

“A clear majority of citizens across the European Union are horrified by the cruel clubbing to death of thousands of seals every year,” said Arlene McCarthy, the committee’s chair. “They do not want these products on sale in the EU and today, the internal market committee has backed citizens’ demands for a ban.”


Russia to ban seal hunting
Russia pledged to ban the killing of all baby harp seals after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin condemned the hunt as a “bloody business.”

Rules allowing a six-week window for hunters to target pups after their coats start turning from snow white to gray will be amended to protect all harp seals less than a year old, Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev said in a statement Friday. The new rules for the White Sea were published Feb. 25. The government will approve the amendments by March 1, he said.

source: www.iht.com

Britain blasted for backing seal ban
Canada has attacked Britain’s ‘moral’ decision to support a Europe-wide boycott of all seal products, as hunters prepare for the annual cull of around 300,000 baby seals.

The Canadian High Commissioner in London, James Wright, has written to Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, and David Miliband, the Environment Secretary, complaining that the Whitehall decision is ‘unfounded and unhelpful’ and urging them to approach the issue in ‘an objective and constructive manner’.

The Canadian government is frustrated that the British position is based on ‘public morality concerns’ rather than scientific evidence.

source: www.guardian.co.uk

how much “scientific evidence” do you need to see that hitting baby seals on the head (or shooting them) is cruel??

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